Disease sexually transmitted:

Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)



Vesiculopustular Initially pustules are formed at the mouths of the sweat glands, which are usually located in the axillary and inguinal folds, on the scalp and on the trunk. Pustules tend to merge, can be located across large areas of the skin and form deep…

Childhood diseases

Миастения у детей

Myasthenia gravis in children

Myasthenia gravis in children In childhood is more common juvenile form of myasthenia gravis. The first symptoms can be oculomotor disorders: ptosis, limitation of movements of the eyeballs, double vision. The last symptom is sometimes difficult to identify,…


Остеогенная саркома

Osteogenic sarcoma

Osteogenic sarcoma The major clinical symptom of osteosarcoma is pain over the affected area. The pain is a dull, consistent with a gradual increase in intensity. The characteristic symptom is night pain. In 3/4 patients can present soft-tissue component. The…

Skin disease

Чёрный лишай

Black versicolor

Black versicolor The defeat more often observed in children and young people in tropical regions. Black versicolor appears dark (brown or black) painless spots usually on the skin of the palms, sides of fingers and feet. The…

Urogenital system diseases

«Острый живот» в гинекологии

Acute abdomen in gynecology

"Acute abdomen" in gynecology Causes of the acute abdomen in gynecology can be divided into 3 groups:acute intra-abdominal hemorrhage (broken ectopic pregnancy, ovarian apoplexy); circulatory disorders of the internal genital…

Injuries disease

Токсическая гепатопатия

Toxic hepatopathy

Liver enlargement, especially in cases of poisoning with carbon tetrachloride, phosphorus, pale toadstool, the greatest increase in liver 6-10 days since the poisoning.