Disease sexually transmitted:

Donovans (inguinal granuloma)

Рубромикоз, или руброфития

Rubromikoz, or.

Rubromikoz, or. It first affects the interdigital folds, in the future, the process involves the skin of the soles. It becomes dry, with a distinct red skin furrows, which shows abundant bucovinei peeling. Distribution process occurs on the dorsal and lateral…

Childhood diseases

Миокардит у детей

Myocarditis in children

Myocarditis in children This disease can occur in people of any age. Frequent among children and adolescents. Statistics of myocarditis is not accurate, since sometimes the disease may be mild, without symptoms, and parents do not seek medical attention.


Опухоли ствола мозга

Tumors of the brain stem

Tumors of the brain stem Tumors of the trunk mangastream both adults and children. The peak incidence of the latter occurs at the age of 3-9 years. They are 7-10 all intracranial neoplasms in children.

Skin disease

Острый обструктивный ларингит (круп)

Acute obstructive laryngitis (croup)

Acute obstructive laryngitis (croup) Breathing problems due to narrowing of the lumen of the larynx most often occur at night, during sleep, due to changes in the conditions of the lymph and blood supply of the larynx, a decrease…

Urogenital system diseases

Миома матки

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids The clinical picture of subserous myoma nodules largely depends on their topographic location and size. There is a classification subserous nodes, based on the ratio of interstitial and subserous component....

Injuries disease

Отравление хлорсодержащими

Poisoning chlorinated insecticides

At the beginning of acute poisoning, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, anxiety, agitation, muscle tremors and muscle weakness. These symptoms progress into a generalized hyperexcitability of the Central nervous system and…