Disease sexually transmitted:

Secondary syphilis

Паховая эпидермофития

Inguinal athlete

Inguinal athlete Inguinal athlete is characterized by the appearance on the skin scaly pink patches up to 1 cm in diameter, gradually expanding on the periphery, while reducing (until resolution) inflammation in the heart, therefore, are formed of large (up…

Childhood diseases

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Specific phobias in children

There is limited strictly defined situations and not arising out of them. It is the fear of heights, animals (mostly dogs), exams, closed spaces (Elevator, small rooms), darkness, thunderstorms, urinating and defecating in public toilets, flying in airplanes,…




Osteoma Osteoma is a relatively rare disease, usually develops in adolescence and is more common in men than in women - education of steam is slow, usually painless.Data on malignant tumors of steam no. Generally, osteomy are located on the outer surface of…

Skin disease

Розовый лишай

Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis rosea Basically, the disease occurs in people aged 20 to 40 years. It always runs a chronic, with periods of exacerbation and improvement quite clearly linked to the seasons of the year. Most often, the next…

Urogenital system diseases

Радиационные нефропатии

Radiation nephropathy

Radiation nephropathy About the WIU say in cases where clinical symptoms and laboratory signs of the disease appear after 3-12 months (according to other sources, in 6-9 months) after radiation exposure on the body as a whole or…

Injuries disease

Открытые повреждения костей кисти и пальцев

Open injuries of bones of hand and fingers

Open injuries of bones of hand and fingers Open isolated skeletal damage cisticolas 13,6 , and in combination with injuries of tendons - 14,3 from all open injuries of the hand. The most common fractures and dislocation of the…