Disease sexually transmitted:

Late congenital syphilis

Ладонная и подошвенная наследственная эритема, или эритроз (болезнь Лане)

Palmar and plantar hereditary erythema, or erythros (illness Lana)

Palmar and plantar hereditary erythema, or erythros (illness Lana) The main symptom of the disease is the appearance of redness spots of large size on the Palmar surface of the hands and plantar - stop. Their colour is bright crimson and very intense.…

Childhood diseases

Нарушения речи у детей

Speech disorders in children

Speech disorders in children The symptoms of speech Disorders in children: In children there may be problems with: - articulation (broken education sounds) - prosody (disturbed expression and understanding tone of voice and intonation of the interviewee) -…


Волосатый полип глотки

Hairy polyp of the pharynx

Hairy polyp of the pharynx Hairy polyps originate most often from the posterior surface of the soft palate or lateral wall of the nasopharynx. In most cases, a hairy polyp was observed on the left.

Skin disease

Чёрный лишай

Black versicolor

Black versicolor The defeat more often observed in children and young people in tropical regions. Black versicolor appears dark (brown or black) painless spots usually on the skin of the palms, sides of fingers and feet. The…

Urogenital system diseases

Предменструальный синдром

Premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome In severe depression reduces the metabolism of serotonin. With the decrease in the level of serotonin in cerebrospinal fluid is associated suicide attempts and aggression in the premenstrual period.

Injuries disease

Огнестрельные ранения верхней конечности

Gunshot wounds of the upper extremity

Gunshot wounds of the upper extremity Most often in surgical treatment of gunshot fracture of the shoulder produce dissection of the wound, removal of bone fragments and foreign bodies, then excision of the soft tissue.