Disease sexually transmitted:

Primary syphilis

Хронический атрофирующий акродерматит

Chronic acrodermatitis acrotiri

Chronic acrodermatitis acrotiri In the first stage over the entire skin surface of the patient's body rashes appear in the form of redness spots with a bright red colour. However can appear and lesions with brick, mauve or violet color. In subsequent spots…

Nervnaya sistema

Childhood diseases

Болезнь (синдром) Марфана

Disease (syndrome) Marfan

Disease (syndrome) Marfan Clinical symptoms of the disease are divided into several groups, which reflect the precise location of the manifestations of connective tissue (mesenchymal) dysplasia: bone and joint disorders (asthenic Constitution, narrow facial…


Гигантская кондилома Бушке-Левенштейна

Giant condyloma Buske-Levenshtein

Giant condyloma Buske-Levenshtein Giant condyloma Buske-Levenshtein occurs in young and old age and is a very large variant genital warts, formed by the merger of elements. Usually affects the glans penis and foreskin, at least - the shaft of the penis. Its…

Skin disease

Нейрофиброматоз (болезнь реклингхаузена)

Neurofibromatosis (Recklinghausen's disease)

Neurofibromatosis (Recklinghausen's disease) In addition, the disease may eventually lead to the development of various tumors of the skin, and the mechanism of this phenomenon is also almost entirely unexplored, and therefore,…

Urogenital system diseases



Sertoli The main clinical manifestation of the tumor - virilization. Against the background of General health amenorrhea occurs, it is noted infertility, reduced mammary glands (defeminization), and later show signs of…

Injuries disease

Отравление цианидом

Cyanide poisoning

Cyanide poisoning The first effect of cyanide is an increase in ventilation due to the blockade of the metabolism of oxygen in the cells of the chemoreceptor. As the absorption of a larger amount of cyanide appear headache,…