Disease sexually transmitted:

Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)

Периартерит узелковый

The nodular periarteritis

The nodular periarteritis Sick men from 30 to 40 years, but the disease can occur in other age groups (childhood and old age). In children the disease is equally common both in boys and in girls, i.e. sex differences are erased.

Childhood diseases

Блокады сердца у детей

Heart block in children

Heart block in children Complete transverse blockade can be both acquired and congenital. Congenital sometimes, if the child suffered late congenital carditis. In this case, it is a consequence postmyocardial sclerosis. Isolated congenital complete AV block…


Соединительнотканные опухоли

Connective tissue tumors

Connective tissue tumors Clinically desmoid seems dense, sedentary, painless tumor, covered with intact skin. In some cases you might have two or more nodes, which are located near or in the distance. X-ray examination is usually unhelpful. Secondary bone…

Skin disease



Ringworm There are three forms: superficial trichophytosis of the scalp, smooth skin and nails.

Urogenital system diseases

Обостренные урологические заболевания

Heightened urological diseases

Heightened urological diseases In some cases, renal colic is manifested by symptoms that are not characteristic of the disease. In particular, spilled pain throughout the abdomen and reflex paresis of the intestine are so…

Injuries disease

Отравление антигистаминными средствами

Poisoning antihistamines

Poisoning antihistamines Poisoning is manifested by Central nervous system excitation or depression. In adult patients is dominated by drowsiness, stupor and coma, but after further depression may develop convulsions.