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Black versicolor

  • What is Black versicolor
  • What triggers / Causes of Black lichen
  • The symptoms of the Black lichen
  • Diagnosis depriving Black
  • Treatment depriving Black
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have a Black versicolor

What is Black shingles

Black versicolor (tinea nigra tropica - SYN.: keratomas ladonna black, epidermal scab, ringworm black, microspores black) is a superficial fungal disease, mainly characterized by the appearance on the palms and soles asymptomatic flaky spots dark brown or black in color.

What triggers / Causes of Black lichen:

Agents of the black lichen , fungi Exophiala (Cladosporium) wemeckii and Stenella arguata. The disease occurs predominantly in tropical and subtropical countries of Central and South America, Africa and Asia, the individual cases described in the United States, England, Central Europe.
The disease is described Cerqueira in 1891, the Pathogen was isolated Horta, who initially called it Cladosporium werneckii, and then Exophiala werneckii.

The symptoms of the Black lichen:

The defeat more often observed in children and young people in tropical regions. Black versicolor appears dark (brown or black) painless spots usually on the skin of the palms, sides of fingers and feet. The spots are small at first, then growing peripheral growth and coalescing into larger (up to several centimeters in diameter) lesions with a clear polycyclic shape.
Described cases of unilateral lesions of the palms or concurrent lesions of the palms and soles. In Asia along with the typical rash on the palms and soles described the lesions on the forearms, the body, the upper part of the chest. Subjective disorders are absent.
Black ringworm highly contagious. It is easily reproduced in the experiment of inoculation of the pathogen in scarificing the skin or under occlusive dressing.
The incubation period in this case lasts from 10 to 15 days to 7 weeks. described a case where the incubation period lasted up to 20 years.Чёрный лишай

Diagnosis depriving Black:

Visual examination of the skin peeling in spots not detected, however, it can be found in the study of the lesions under a magnifying glass. In the peripheral zone of black color large spots appear more saturated.
The differential diagnosis should be made with malignant melanoma, pigmented nevus and lentigo.

The treatment of the Black lichen:

In uncomplicated forms of widely used products containing sulfur, selenium, tar. Also effective is the use of tolnaftate.

Which doctors should be consulted if You have a Black versicolor:


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