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  • What is a Mucocele
  • What triggers / Causes Mucocele
  • Symptoms Mucocele
  • Diagnosis Of Mucocele
  • Treatment Of Mucocele
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You Mucocele

What is a Mucocele -

Mucocele - kisteobraznoe expansion of the paranasal sinuses that occurs due to blockage of the excretory ducts. Most commonly affects the frontal, the ethmoid sinuses less often.

What triggers / Causes Mucocele:

Causes of impaired drainage of the paranasal sinuses is the most frequent anomaly of the excretory duct, inflammation, scarring, trauma, tumors, exostosis, upland curvature of the nasal septum.
Mucocele and pyocele observed in older children.


Symptoms Mucocele:

Accumulating in the void content causes the stretching of the bone wall with the deformation of the facial skeleton. The contents of the sinuses usually Muco - mucocele, rarely purulent - pyocele (Roose/e).

The disease is initially asymptomatic, the General condition varies little, is characterized by a long period of development. Marked headache and local pain in the frontal region, was performed neuralgia.

Then gradually appears facial asymmetry due to the protrusion of the upper internal or inner angle of the orbit, often fluctuant. Education photoelastic, painless, the front wall becomes thinner, palpation may be determined crepitus or "the crackle of parchment". Inflammation are absent. On palpation the tumor is displaced in the direction of the nose. In a subsequent may form a fistula, through which stands out stringy mucus.

Floor pressure mix the orbital wall and the eyeball (with the defeat of the frontal sinus downwards and outwards, with mucocele of the ethmoid sinus forwards and outwards, and with lesions of the sphenoid sinus - forward).

Then develop eye symptoms: diplopia, lacrimation (compression of the lacrimal ducts), optic neuritis, cramps, milias, atrophy of the optic nerve, sometimes ulceration of the cornea. When rhinoscopy observed bulging of the medial wall of the sinus with unmodified mucous membrane.


Diagnosis Of Mucocele:

When sinus puncture derives a large amount of content, whose color can vary from transparent pale viscous yellow to dark brown, often punctate features sequins - cholesterol crystals. The composition of the liquid at mucocele - mucin, cholesterol and fat, while pyocele - pus. On the radiograph is determined by the increase in the sinus and decrease its transparency.

Differential diagnosis. From brain herniation mucocele and pyocele differ in the absence of stress, brain surge and volume changes during breathing. Pressure on cerebral hernia is accompanied by symptoms of brain compression (slow pulse, convulsions).

Dermoid cyst, unlike Muko - and pyocele, has a thick wall, not fluctuate - the definitive diagnosis is made after radiography.

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Treatment Of Mucocele:

Treatment surgical.

Which doctors should be consulted if You Mucocele:



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