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Laryngeal angina

  • What is Laryngeal angina
  • What triggers / Causes Laryngeal angina
  • The Laryngeal symptoms of angina
  • Treatment of Laryngeal angina
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have Laryngeal angina

What is Laryngeal angina -

Laryngeal angina - acute inflammation of the lymphoid tissue in the ventricles of the larynx, cherpalonadgortannoy folds and the pyriform sinuses, often spread to submucosal layer.

What triggers / Causes Laryngeal angina:

Pathogens are streptococci, staphylococci, diplococci. Contributing factors - mechanical trauma, foreign body, chemical or thermal burns, inflammation in the middle and lower part of the pharynx (peritonsillitis, retropharyngeal abscess), cooling.

Гортанная ангина
Laryngeal angina

The Laryngeal symptoms of angina:

The disease is difficult, with impaired General condition, pyrexia, sore throat, severe pain when swallowing and turning the neck, difficulty breathing.
Palpation of the larynx painful. Regional lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged and painful.
When laryngoscopy determined infiltration and hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the epiglottis, pyriform sinuses, cherpalonadgortannoy, vestibular and vocal folds. Inflamed lymphoid tissue of the ventricles of the larynx prolapses into the lumen of the larynx, covering vocal fold. Significantly pronounced swelling, in addition to increasing volume, limits mobility cabalonline cartilage and contributes to the narrowing of the voice cracks in places where the lymphoid tissue. Sometimes there are raids (solid or in the form of individual rounded foci).
With a favorable course of the disease after 6-8 days ends in recovery.

Complications. Sometimes the process moves to diffuse purulent inflammation of the submucosa, muscle, intermuscular tissue involving Nadirashvili and developing phlegmonous laryngitis.
Laryngeal angina may be complicated by cellulitis and abscess of the larynx. P R and connection to laryngeal angina submucosal inflammation can lead to asphyxia.

Гортанная ангина
Laryngeal angina

Treatment of Laryngeal angina:

Children being treated in hospital. Requires strict bed rest.
Spend antibacterial, dehydration, giposensibiliziruyuschey therapy, do hot compresses or put cold on the neck, give a warm drink, designate distraction procedures (mustard foot bath), cervical novocaine blockade.
In the area of edematous tissues doing deep scarification knife Tobold. When there is a pronounced difficulty in breathing produces a tracheotomy.

Гортанная ангина
Laryngeal angina

Which doctors should be consulted if You have Laryngeal angina:



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