Disease sexually transmitted:

Tertiary syphilis

A pediatric audiologist

A pediatric audiologist engaged in studying the problems of adaptation and social rehabilitation of patients with deafness or hearing impairments.Also deals with the etiology and clinic the various forms of hearing loss and deafness, developing methods of their diagnostics, treatment…

A pediatric gastroenterologist

Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in children and adolescents. In the initial period of life, the digestive system has its own characteristics, therefore, a gastroenterologist for the treatment of adult patients, may not…

A pediatric gynecologist

A pediatric gynecologist examines normal functioning of the female body, diseases associated with the peculiarities of the female body in different periods of a woman's life. Special attention in gynecology takes the prevention of gynecological diseases, the girl, the woman,…

A pediatric gynecologist-endocrinologist

Specialist in the treatment of disorders of sexual development girls. The doctor will do an exam to determine the causes of disease, prescribe treatment. Modern methods allow to correct disorders of sexual development.

A pediatric hepatologist

The doctor, investigating the liver, its structure and function, its diseases and their treatment in children. What is the competence of the physician Pediatric hepatologist Pediatric hepatologist studies the blood and hematopoietic system, their structure and functions, their diseases and…

A pediatric immunologist

This is a doctor who can diagnose the cause of changes in the immune system and try to fix it, pick up (if this is really necessary) appropriate for Your child modulator of immunity.

A pediatric osteopath

Cure a diseased organ, and approaches the body as a whole. Osteopathy is a branch of medicine, where diagnosis and treatment is accurate and sensitive to exposure to the hands of the doctor on the patient's body. The basis of…

A pediatric rheumatologist

A pediatric rheumatologist is engaged in rheumatic or systemic diseases - rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and other diseases in children. At the initial consultation, minus the conversation with the patient and examination, the rheumatologist may prescribe additional methods…

A pediatric TB specialist

A pediatric TB specialist studies the causes, mechanisms of development, the epidemiology of tuberculosis, it develops methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, as well as the organization of medical care for TB patients. Specialty closely related to pulmonology.

A pediatric virologist

Specialist in the field of pediatric Virology - the study of the viruses, the smallest intracellular parasites spread everywhere and cause diseases of plants, animals and humans.


A medical specialist who performs acupuncture (acupunctura acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture, Zhen-Chiu therapy) is a method of acupuncture, is the impact on body functions of various strength, the nature and duration of the irritation caused by insertion of needles in specific…


The responsibility of the allergist is to identify specific allergens that react to your bronchi, for the purpose of treatment in the acute phase of the disease or treatment before flowering (at least one month before flowering) need to undergo…


Andrologist - a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the male genitalia provides assessment and outpatient treatment of prostatitis, urethritis, erectile dysfunction and reduced libido, kidney stones, diseases of the kidneys and bladder, sexually transmitted diseases and…

Andrologist, endocrinologist

Specialist in male infertility, sexologist, or "specialist" in "low urology" that includes treatment of urethritis and prostatitis, etc.Andrologist, endocrinologist - a doctor who studies the health status and diseases of male genitalia, interrelated with other organs and systems, as well…


A specialist physician who has received special training in anesthesia and management of vital functions of the body during surgical procedures. The anesthesiologist necessarily talking to the patient before the operation, explains the tendency to allergic reactions, concomitant diseases, etc.…


Specialist in the maintenance and restoration of vital functions of the organism during life-threatening diseases.Often resuscitator does the work of an anesthesiologist and Vice versa. This is due to the commonality of necessary knowledge and skills, so conventionally in wide…


Specialist aromatherapist exploring the science of the treatment smells and also uses essential oils for therapeutic purposes. To obtain the greatest effect doctor oil combines with sound, reflexology, hypnosis, etc.


The doctor, in whose jurisdiction included the treatment of a variety of on the origin of inflammatory diseases of the joints, which affects the synovium, articular cartilage, joint capsule and other elements.


The face of General secondary education, trained in special courses (or nurses) performing the duties of assistant clinical, biochemical, microbiological, virological, immunological, histological or other laboratory in health care, sanitation or medical research institution.

Baby reflexologist

Owns the methods of treatment based on stimulation (mechanical, thermal, etc.) of certain areas (points) of the body surface (biologically active points)- includes acupuncture, auriculotherapy, electro-puncture, etc.


Bacteriologist studying the causes of infectious diseases of humans (their morphology, genetic, antigenic and other properties), methods and means of separation and definition, explores the phenomena of immunity and developing means of specific prophylaxis and treatment of these diseases.


The doctor balneologist studying the origin and physico-chemical properties of mineral waters, methods of their use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for external and internal use.


The competence of the doctor cosmetologist include determining the type of the skin of the patient and assigning individual treatments. Also, cosmetologist familiar with all diseases of the skin, so he does and treatment. A specialist will always determine the…


Physician specialist (obstetrician-gynecologist) trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tumors of the female genital organs. (see also the Oncologist-gynecologist)


Deals with problems of the heart and blood vessels, as well as prevention, diagnosis and treatment of angina pectoris, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. For specification (verification) diagnosis your doctor may order studies such…

Child homeopath

Does not cure a specific disease, and the patient, restoring the body's defenses and its ability to recovery, the benefits of homeopathic treatment can be for any disease.

Child mycologist

Child mycologist studying the taxonomy of fungi, the fungi in nature, ecology, genetic and biochemical properties, the practical application of fungi: - food grade (edible mushrooms, cheese, for adults: wine, beer)-- food spoilage-a mycotoxin (toxins fungi - mycotoxins)-- mycetism (poisoning…

Child neurologist

Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases and functional disorders of the nervous system in children. To a pediatric neurologist treat with increased excitability of the child, behavior problems, sleep etc. in Addition, a pediatric…
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