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Vitamin B6

Витамин B6
Vitamin B6

Synonym. Pyridoxine hydrochloride.

The dosage form. Synthetic drug. Available in the form of powder, tablets, 0.002 and 0.01 g in a package of 50 pieces - one and 5-s solution in 1 ml ampoules in a package of 10 pieces.

Therapeutic properties. Vitamin B6 is involved in metabolism. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the Central and peripheral nervous system, activates the processes of absorption from the intestine of amino acids and iron.

Indications for use. The drug is used for the deficiencies, toxemia of pregnancy, diseases of the blood (iron deficiency anemia, leukopenia), nervous system (radiculitis, neuritis, a condition with increased convulsive readiness, neuralgia, parkinsonism, etc.). Vitamin B6 is prescribed also for sea and air sickness, Meniere's disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, mild liver disease, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The drug used in the clinic of skin diseases (for treatment of dermatitis, tinea, psoriasis, etc.), as well as disorders of the cardiovascular system, to suppress lactation and intoxications caused by some anti-TB medicines (tubazid, ftivazid).

Rules of application. The drug is administered orally and intramuscularly. Inside take vitamin B6 to prevent 0,002 — 0,05 g per day, for therapeutic purposes — to 0.05 — 0.1 g in 1 — 2 admission. The treatment lasts for 1 — 3 months.

Side effects and complications. When using the drug allergic reactions like skin itching and rashes, increased acidity of gastric juice.

Contraindications. The drug is not prescribed in severe liver diseases, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hyperacid gastritis, coronary heart disease.

Storage. In a cool, dark place. The shelf life of all dosage forms for 3 years.


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