Disease sexually transmitted:

Late congenital syphilis


The dosage form. Combined preparation. Available in the form of pellets, containing estradiol benzoate 25 UNITS, dry powder from the ovaries 0.03 g, nitroglycerin 0.0002 g (0.2 mg), theobromine and caffeine 0.025 g of phenolphthalein 0.006 g of calcium phosphate 0.004 g in a package of 50 pieces.

Therapeutic properties. Climacteris normalizes hormones in the female body, eliminate the phenomenon of vascular neurosis, improves the blood flow in the heart vessels, prevents and reduces pain angina, has a tonic and laxative effect.

Indications for use. Climacteric disorders.

Rules of application. The drug is taken orally 1 — 2 tablets 2 — 3 times a day. Pills swallow without chewing, and wash it down with 1/4 Cup water.

Side effects and complications. The drug is generally well tolerated and can be used long-term.

Contraindications. Is not installed.

Storage. In usual conditions. Shelf life 4 years.


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