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The glockenspiel

The glockenspiel

The dosage form. Synthetic drug. Available in tablets or dragee 0.025 or 0.075 g in a package of 100 pieces and in ampoules of 2 ml 0.5-tion solution in a package of 5 pieces.

Therapeutic properties. The glockenspiel dilates the blood vessels of the heart and increases the amount and speed of blood flow, improves the supply of oxygen attack. This increases the stability of the heart muscle for oxygen. The glockenspiel also prevents the formation of blood clots.

Indications for use. The main indications for the use of the chimes are different types of angina, especially angina that occurs when emotional and physical stress. The glockenspiel is prescribed for the prevention of postoperative thrombosis and myocardial infarction and thrombosis of cerebral vessels. Used the glockenspiel and in pediatric practice.

Rules of application. The glockenspiel is taken orally in pill form or as pills. When taken by mouth the drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The glockenspiel is taken orally on an empty stomach, one hour before meals, usually 3 times a day. Intravenous and intramuscular drug is very rare due to numerous side effects. The glockenspiel, you cannot enter under the skin, as this is irritating. The drug deltasociety in the same syringe with other drugs because of possible precipitation. The course of treatment and dose prescribed by a doctor.

Side effects and complications. When receiving the chimes in some cases, marked reduction in blood pressure, nausea, ringing in the ears, dizziness, headache, rarely pain in the heart, transient redness of the face, possible dyspepsia, pain in the liver, skin itching.

Contraindications. The drug is contraindicated in widespread arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Storage. All dosage forms of chimes stored in a cool dark place. Shelf life of tablets, pills and vials of 5 years.


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