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Allergy treatment water

Аллергия лечение водой
Allergy treatment water

Imagine the immune system as a barrel of a certain volume in which flow like infections, environmental toxins, stress. When the barrel is full to the brim, even one drop of it no longer fits. In other words, an overloaded immune system cannot cope with the regular allergen, and it will cause an allergic reaction.

Some doctors who practice alternative methods, considered one of the best ways to discharge the immune system, restoring its ability to neutralize allergens, detox bath. Heat promotes the transition of toxins from fat cells into the blood where they are through the skin surface to leave the body.

Dr. Krohn believes these baths are very effective at alleviating the symptoms of an allergic reaction, especially when you overload the body with chemicals. This is the procedure.

Methods of water treatment for allergies

At first just take a bath or shower to wash away the fat from the body and the dirt. How should RUB your skin with a washcloth, and then rinse thoroughly.

Then fill the bathtub with hot water (which can endure) so that you immerse yourself up to your neck. Lie in the water for 5 minutes, keeping above the surface of only the head. Then a quick hot shower to wash the speakers toxins, not allowing them to be absorbed back.

Take a detox bath as often as three times a week, gradually bringing the duration of the procedure up to 30 minutes. Perhaps being in the water, you will feel some weakness. It is the result of the fact that toxins pass into the blood from the surrounding tissues. If the feeling is too uncomfortable, flush the toilet and sit in the empty bath while you do not return to power.

Do not increase the duration of the procedure, while in this the value of that will not disappear with the discomfort (if the weakness occurs within 5 minutes longer to lie in water is not necessary). Regular detox baths to cleanse the body and you will be able to stay in the hot water longer and longer. When will be able to safely sit in the bath for half an hour, reduce the frequency of treatments to once a week. Multiple sclerosis or ischemic heart disease, this method is contraindicated.

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