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Amnesia treatment using VDF and naturopathy

Амнезия лечение при помощи РДТ и натуропатии
Amnesia treatment using VDF and naturopathy

In violation of memory from ancient times used starvation. It was thought that it improves memory and mental performance. This was confirmed in the clinic fasting of Professor Y. S. Nikolaev. Found that fasting therapy significantly improves memory even in old age, in the presence of atherosclerosis, menopausal neurasthenia, etc. There is evidence that fasting has a rejuvenating effect, and reduces the content in the brain of the pigment lipofuscin and improving memorization. Maybe that's why after fasting therapy not only restores, but also exacerbated the memory.

Bulgarian healer P. Dinkov believed that memory improve psychotherapy and suggestion in combination with starvation. Also help exercise, milk and vegetable diet with the exception of refined Sugars and lots of salads with additions of horseradish, parsnip and onions. P. Dinkov recommended to eat daily to 75 g of nuts and sweet almonds to reinforce memory.

Fasting therapy and naturopathy in the treatment of amnesia and other articles on alternative medicine.

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