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Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels and the treatment with the bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

Атеросклероз сосудов головного мозга лечение при помощи биоэнерготерапии и терапии Рейки
Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels and the treatment with the bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

Good healers are able to clean the biofield of the patient cerebrosclerosis and improve the blood circulation of blood vessels of the brain, the liver, and even metabolism. However, the vascular lesions of the brain responds poorly to treatment with bioenergy. After all, even the best healers couldn't save L. I. Brezhnev from death, as the aging far beyond medicine.

The relatives of the patient can be good healers, laying on of hands and through polarity therapy or Reiki. For example, in Germany a very popular therapy polarity in the modification of a German healer Wilfrid Gesler.

When cerebrosclerosis, in particular, there is usually a vertebroplasty-basilar insufficiency of blood circulation of the cerebral vessels. Healers feel this as a stagnation of energy in the bottom of the nape and neck. Thus the relative of the patient may hold his forehead with the left hand while the right one is slightly rubbing the back of his head. Similarly, you can lightly massage the forehead. Thus it is necessary to imagine that in your hands passes the life force of the Cosmos. Intuition tells you how intensely and how long to work. The released energy must be directed downwards, with the arms to your wrists.

The same way you can "clean up" the vessels of the brain, more precisely, to eliminate energy stagnation in him, to reveal the reserve capillaries. To do this, the right hand should be put on the base of the occipital bone, and the left on the forehead. Then it is necessary to implement the energy flow between the polar hands - and it gives healing effect.

Bioenergy therapy and therapy of Reiki in the treatment of atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels and other articles on alternative medicine.

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