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Multiple sclerosis treatment with mineraloterapiya

Рассеянный склероз лечение при помощи минералотерапии
Multiple sclerosis treatment with mineraloterapiya

It is assumed that gold is a specific tool in multiple sclerosis. If you insist on it the water, a small amount of metal to serve as a catalyst for the formation of myelin. In folk medicine, primarily trying to dispel the sick of bad thoughts, relieve stress, fears, to open his heart for love and understanding. This is facilitated by the minerals pink color: pink tourmaline, rhodochrosite, kunzite, rose quartz. In addition, help soothing stones: azurite, roduit, rhinestone, Lazur-malachite, moonstone, onyx, sodalite, ProMatic, Remapper. You can use them as amulets or jewelry. Cramps help: agate, jet, malachite, magnetite, sapphire, coral.

Mineraloterapiya in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other articles on alternative medicine.

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