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Trauma cranial treatment with mineraloterapiya

Травма черепно-мозговая лечение при помощи минералотерапии
Trauma cranial treatment with mineraloterapiya

While working in the USA I met a man who personally knew the best psychic of the twentieth century, Edgar Cayce, which is written dozens of books. He could predict what couldn Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, and did it in a totally different way. He was in a dream trance, during which he asked questions, but his subconscious gave answers. Leaving the trance of sleep, he remembered nothing. Therefore, he was only a conduit of communication with the Cosmos. But his predictions were very accurate. For example, he predicted the Second world war and whoever wins it, the explosion of the atomic bomb in Japan. Gave advice on the treatment of diseases of the individuals who were a thousand miles away from him. Treatment has always been successful. It is Edgar Cayce predicted that in the twenty-first century will be the most successful treatment with bioenergy, meditation and crystals. After crystals - the future of medicine. Now crystals are used in television, radio, radar, fish finders, radios, quartz watches, in meditation, in the control condition of the heart, charroterie, crystalmountain.

Advantages of crystal healing:

  • Crystal accumulates and directs energy precisely to the painful area.
  • The energy of the crystal penetrates all matter, including through the human body.
  • Crystal receives the energy very quickly. For example, we have conducted experiments in which the healer is just a few seconds of holding the crystal in his hand and gave him more energy, then this crystal was placed on the painful area of the person. The effect was almost equal to the force of the impact of the healer.
  • Crystal energy has a polarity that matches the polarity of the hands of the healer. So, the right hand gives Yang energy, and the left - Yin. Similar energy crystal remembers, he accurately perceives part of the spectrum of light and the narrow section of the electromagnetic waves necessary for treatment.
  • When working with crystals all healers have noted the effect of "gain". The longer the healer works with crystals, the more increases their healing power and total energy. Some believe that crystals even contribute to the development of the best healing qualities and traits. That's why they are so effective for accentuated personalities.
  • There is the observation that the relations between people are stronger if they both have the same crystals. For example, if a husband gives his wife a quartz crystal, and one will leave themselves, they are better able to transmit healing energy. Experienced biotherapeutic treated at a distance, giving the patient a quartz crystal, it helps to direct to the disease.

Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga used the sugar crystals to predict the future.

One of the best means to combat traumatic brain injury, even in the acute phase is the so-called "Atlantic wand of power". It is based on a hollow copper pipe with a cap on the end. At the other end is mounted quartz crystal with a diameter of 2-2,5 cm and a length of 4-8 cm The tip of the crystal should be no dots, impurities, that is absolutely clean. Crystal need the top cover strip of skin, placing it in a spiral. So, the rod consists of three elements: the energy accumulator (copper tube), insulator (skin) & energy (crystal). Usually rod emits energy in all directions, but the healer can focus it in a certain direction in the desired area. The power and depth of the impact is determined by the abilities of the healer. In the treatment of traumatic brain injury required concentration of energy at the site of injury, then the recovery period is much faster and usually without complications.

Mineraloterapiya in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and other articles on alternative medicine.

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