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Disease sexually transmitted:

Chlamydia (chlamydia infection)

Skin leishmaniasis (a disease Borowski)

Skin leishmaniasis (a disease Borowski) Very often, both in children and in adults, the disease is complicated by the accession of purulent infection, which can develop furunculosis, erysipelas of the skin, cellulitis. In this case, everything depends on the…

Nervnaya sistema

Limited premalignant hyperkeratosis red border…

Periodontal disease

Childhood diseases

Heartburn (GERD) in children

Heartburn (GERD) in children The symptoms of heartburn (GERD) in children are divided into two types: esophagus and extraesophageal. To esophagus include regurgitation, heartburn, belching bitter or sour air, the symptom of "wet spots", pain or discomfort…


Cancer of the conjunctiva

Cancer of the conjunctiva In the development of cancer on the background of precancerous diseases of the initial clinical manifestations of the tumor indistinguishable from previous pathology. Signs of malignancy include the development of surface…

Skin disease


Tinea In the international classification of mycosisadopted in ICD-10, the principle of localization. This classification is convenient from a practical point of view, however, does not take into account the etiological features…

Urogenital system diseases

Tumors and tumor-like ovarian

Tumors and tumor-like ovarian Benign ovarian tumours regardless of the structure in the clinical manifestations have many similarities. Ovarian tumors occur more frequently asymptomatic in women over the age of 40-45 years.…

Injuries disease

Exotoxic shock and toxicogenic collapse

Exotoxic shock and toxicogenic collapse For preseka is characterized by: a short period of time after severe poisoning, the critical concentration of the chemical, stimulation of the patient, tachycardia, normal blood pressure or…