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Nasal polyps treatment without surgery

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Nasal polyps treatment without surgery

Below is the recipe how to cure nasal polyps without surgery. In witty form (a tale of polyps), humorous (something to laugh over myself laughing!) and, I think, the most important thing with a real and effective recipe described this method.

Somehow I received a letter from Ukraine from Sergey Lastochkin, in which the author writes that "the Recipe is so versatile that anyone necessarily help, and may even not from polyps, BUT will HELP, for sure, and from cold and from all sorts of ENT-zaraz".

The story of the polyps

Chiiiii!!! When I click!!! Haaaaappy!!! Psssss.. Oh, boy, "again".

Where is the handkerchief, ahhh, here it is. Psssssss.. phew.

Scho TSE vono cochise - zvirble in Yogo Golov, navso vono take the the escrevi TA sonjachni day.. hmm..

The issue disappeared by itself how slippery and wet the handkerchief, thrown into a bowl with the soaked and kissimi it is already the 5th day of the same five handkerchiefs.

Not happy Santa Claus on the handkerchief - he had very bad. He is now the worst. Yeah, bad grandpa.

Oh, Yes! It's not us, it's Santa Claus, he is guilty. Found the reason, I calmed down. All Gud.

And listen to the experience - it was here the very first bell, but was not heard as not hearing and we have not heard anyone nor yourself. Stupid - but true.

Aaaaaaaache.. "Again", Sneezy, after half a year entered privichku and not so annoying, Sneezy - Sneezy. Garbage. Recently Santa Claus with a bag of "joy" was like a Grandmother Yaga with the stupa "gifts" and not very tasty, and straight nose. She's not annoying, she's not evil, it's all fairy tales, fly, God be with her. Only here annoyed the other: in the morning, going to the "psychological razgruzki" was heard to smell.. toothpaste. Hmm, so where is the pasta, and where I am. But the cause was not Grandma Yaga, and everything that used to smell, irritated that there is no smell at so favorite scents, was no longer. Let it be - no smell - no smell - don't care - I'm healthy as an ox. Why now odorless sunlight After all once before, look at him, smelled of light and warmth, smelled the grass on the lawn and the caterpillar on the tree. And now not. Does not smell.. hmm. Yeah well, okay.

Pfft.. pfft.. I wanted to say loudly, Aaaaathe, but no, now, after two months, this pleasant once Aapche imperceptibly transformed into Pffff. But now happy Santa Claus - Grandma Yaga was no "gifts", they just disappeared, reincarnates in severe headache, twitching in pain in his temples, his red bloodshot eyes, smell disappeared, the pressure in the nose area was growing with each passing day, aching in the ears, was shot in the brain, the nights are divided into hours - open mouth, as Manager of the runway was invited to the planting of flies, gnats, dust..

Oh, Yes!! It all flies! Invented reason, and then everything is OK.

To think of a reason - the easiest way to find the cause is almost impossible. Any TAFF neighbor or havw friend is perceived seriously. But not much else. Neighbor're the expert - he's in that year was cured of his Cocker Spaniel cough, and so I'm lucky. Dogs and people are friends. And urusa and similar symptoms and cough are the same, it all fits together, found another reason to soothe, recorded the name "drugs", so tomorrow I will go to a local pharmacy, they'll ask another to secure the pharmacist what she would recommend and will again start to smell the sunlight. Cheers. Win. And the days go by.

Pharmacist - what a simple but mysterious word. Laboring in his spare time in the operating room of the regional hospital have found exactly one thing: "Pharma", the most feared and "impassable" object, and so the same exam, study all the time, at recess and in the dorms, classrooms and the team, this is a subject which is simply impossible to learn, can only learn, taught many semesters, and to sense - a zero. In an age of rapid progress and business on ordinary, innocent people who one day woke up "sick" is very simple to make.. it would seem on Rather than on the disease. On them easier. Sick, almost every first. The more options "diagnosis" the man who invented himself - the more chance of an oligarch, in a roundabout way has taken under his wing "Parsabad", to buy a new helicopter or, in a pinch, a ship, and sail away on a distant Maldives and no you aapche. Cho, the nation writes - I bastard. Normal logic patients on disease and patients on the pocket. Only here about the "law of conservation of energy" they heard in the fifth grade - the father paid the son studied. Everything is OK.

- Here we have "minosultek", here we have an inexpensive "smsevent", but still "tampanensis and logopolis" and all this only for you. Ehhhh.. only problem is. What a perfect choice and all for pennies, practically for free. Zilch in the nose and smells, the sun, yumyum in my mouth and a rare fly at night now doesn't settle on dry mouth. 're not going to begin to explain to the pharmacist that because of the lack of oxygen just after half a year of starts and stops the pain in the head, heaviness in the lungs, polubesova nights result in serious morning, and don't even need beer - morning "effect", developed heart failure and "jumps" the pressure in the pipes, go to the course "Valerian" with "validonly", "logorama" and "smarterer", why would they do that, they are important percentage of sales and, God forbid, if you came through a week and not prikoli her cash apparat content of the stupa of Baba Yaga. As always, their "carries", the answer is none of them was. God be with them - the physics law of conservation of energy with them, too, but they don't know Onet physicians. Yak, they say shchyri ukran "..he STS..". Hi CE th bude ohtake small "thank you" for Taco axis blest at blame prosteride all tlo.

Psssss.. Psssh.. ohhh.. seriously.. bad.. everything hurts everything hurts..

Oh!!! Newie!!! Found salvation!!! The Internet!! Type in the search "Polyps. Treatment" or hundreds of other phrases. The picture is plain as day: site-to-site jump skilled bots, mottle taken out of context texts. Thus they earn a penny. But. Santiagotimes - heap - and the pennies turn into thousands and thousands in akhtachi and Maldivica. And remains the man with the mouse, keyboard and monitor, one-on-one with their illness, and deciding not to test any one way, only for the reason that his skopipastil on all sites at once careless admins, not think much about the consequences. What they - and anything, just to the Maldives and want everything. No demand - no responsibility. The hell with them! But the sun does not start to acquire the smell.

Pshh Pshh.... a memory that remembers, and the memory it knows how it happens in the operating room: absolutely indifferent to your problem ENT surgeon with a sour face, with his left hand in I.. price: ".. aaaaaaall these polyps.. aaaaaat stink.. aaaaat to tear, aaaaat these people..". Hippocrates - of course, he's a good guy, but he's not in the operating room and he will forgive if that, and that, if you happen to see by chance. Crooked fingers in your soft spout, stainless "rake" and sound. Oh!! As I remember this sound! And the smell!! Oh, what a nice smell that is not even a decade erased it from memory. The conveyor such cases, the pipeline "of jars" with your Familia and other in the morgue, on histology and into the furnace. And you hope, you think that IT will help, because he is so affectionate spoke with you face-to-face in the office.. she closed the book with Gregory-mi Pan mi and promised, promised, and you believed. You may even remember his middle name - he doesn't remember you in the face. The Maldives are beautiful, Hawaii is not in Mumbai.. "He STS" will only then, only once. She is not worried. Postponed the prospect of the much more colorful your sores, and even odorless pus. It calms them. Yes and you are calm. Up to a certain point.

Pppp.. Ppppp already.. not PSS and had long been Sneezy.. The crash excruciating, pain is the same. Bear-bear, can "blow over" as the pharmacist and the admin, or maybe as a oligarch or the waiter in the Maldives.

To-MO-GRA-phia - the simplest word. There is nothing easier than to lie on a table for Grisha Pan, and one, and the smell of the sun, after the announcement of "sentence", will begin to emerge odorless, and the caterpillar on the tree will smell "from memory" is a cynical Doc will tell you why. But God forbid not to go to the clinic and don't believe in a list of "cures" from visionresearch pharmacists. There is no difference between pharmacy and these. "Pharma" - it is one at all, but the conscience is different, but the principle is the same. List two to three Hryhoriy Skovoroda will have an impact only on the liver and kidneys, spleen and heart, and still in debt will remain.

-Yes what there warranty !!!!!! - I heard in response from a friend on operating ENT surgeon.. Hmm.. really, what the hell guarantees - not even a verbal guarantee - there is no responsibility. Go at least a year every year - the warranty does not draw themselves, they simply have nowhere to take the Hippocratic sees or hears, but what if you forgive, you do not lose anything with him.


Two years without odors in the "room of psychological relief" and in search of who or what can give the smell of the sun, thousands prochitannyh articles, listened to hundreds of "views" of the "white brotherhood", dozens of experiments, the desire NOT ONLY to REMOVE and CURE once and for all, Yes without consequences, operating without scars, without heavy bleeding, without repeated operations, without "kumaresh" GENERAL anesthesia. In the first stage, the decision to treat fit in one sensible recipe friend the pharmacist, apparently well studied "farm" and immediately posovetovavshego it, and not the "mathematici" and "logicality". The times in which drugs produced "on site at the pharmacy" has sunk into Oblivion, and the prescription left, "copyright" even called, 30 years recommended and is always helping, always brought positive feedback of different ages and in pharmacy and in the handset. The amount spent on the set of ingredients is very funny - 3-4 high dollar for everything . Electronic scales in the next laboratory, a set of small cups scattered around the house, and DESIRE.

The psychological aspect of this problem (and this is very important):

Remember: your Nose is NOT your body that you need to Treat. The nose is your best FRIEND and you sincerely wish him a speedy recovery. Should make friends with this very important organ. Do you often warmed his best friend hands or anything else, right the wrong, and that between the eyebrows starts Here No and continue, IN ANY case not his warm - blood flow, high temperatures, and is twice or even three times tougher libido in microbes masculine, they are twice-three times stronger "want" microbic feminine. "Vagrant" to "flies" and your nose is similar to a swollen heating pad for washing and removal of polyps elsewhere in our tidy lives. The polyp itself is not sick - sick to the bone around the crowded pus (read - the fruits of love) of the sinuses than before leaving the polyp, the sooner will open sinus and outflow will occur unpleasant color and terrible smell of the fluids (you still will not hear him). This is the goal. A polyp is not the goal. The goal is to help the nose to REJECT the polyp and bring the "fruits of love" from multiple sinuses nasopharynx. Open the Internet and carefully studying the structure of the nasopharynx is also very important. "Friend" just shake your "crab" for what you have learned and finally understood its structure. This is, for sure, you have already read on the Internet, but bear with refinements "at face value".

Sea salt (in pharmacies fully) in the amount of tablespoon per liter of purified (preferably) of water and a few drops of iodine (6 drops does not hurt as and 8) should be your partner in life. Method yogis "Jala-Nettie" (which is included in the daily exercise of the body, these, sort of not really ill people is ideal). Elementary to build something similar at home ( body plump ballpoint pen inserted in the lid with a half-liter plastic bottle on the end with a piece of tube, carefully formed, so as not to break the sniff hole, perfect ). Nature at work in the factory and in the garden, in the bathroom and in "coma" is a liquid that will do its best to help the "miracle drug". Rose - washed, if they aren't too washed out, (but about a sex therapist not forgotten), walked-walked - washed, on the door of the house - washed, at the entrance to the house is washed. For "just", without obligation themselves to this procedure - picked and washed, night, stood in line to refrigerator - washed, ate, washed, ate, washed. Jala Nettie - often - better. At this point will be asked simply to believe in the word. I repeat: more is better more is better.. remember Your "friend" very quickly get used to this elementary procedure, he will be grateful until the end of his snuff.. functions. More often is better. Don't stop. So will be pleasant sensations "after" that you will not abandon this procedure never, AND is NOT NECESSARY - disease dysfunction of the lining of the nose - you don't want the chronic stage - continue always.

"Miracle cure" to stop to take, and you can just reduce the amount of appointments once flew the last polyp. Believe me, the last or the last will show you the toilet paper (I recommend! for visual control over the fruits of love), will tell you himself "friend", but not that, and this, I hope that the polyps will not grow ever.

Above you saw my last photo of the polyp. He is gorgeous, he's handsome, he respected my "friend", they have long maintained relations, they had something in common, he was clinging to him to the last, but I had separated them, not with such "friends" friends - is fraught.

APOLOGIST - ye tak swiching Ukrainske the word, but it D, sche th Yak d. Do not forget yoga, this is your mantrack, petite, your ale. Bajau mclogo big man, Yak at t turtles, that have lived 100 years, and in addition, the standards so th salicylas a little ditanam.

How to cure nasal polyps without surgery, prescription

  • oil obley 20 mg
  • oil of mate - 1mg
  • oil evolu - 6 mg
  • propels - 1.5 g
  • extract aloe 4 mg
  • nastanka calendula Sportowa 4 mg

Restarti on CERTUSS propels sipati in the heat ROSTO on vodjani ban oblio the oil Pachuca sklaney palicka. Part propels rockinitis in al and part lose for palicz (the black colorw).

Palicka W propulsor (the black colorw) pastiche to nastanka calendula i resciniti propels scho tions on lisisa.

Then in kaonoulu to cmate temperature oblio the oil of dodati eucalytus matno the oil, Pachuca.

At nastanka calendula W propulsor dodati extract aloe. Smati Obid sums one W one, Pachuca.

Before vimanam pdhra at hand. Takapuwahia at hic key 2 craps into every NSTU pokey not polega.

Polegchalo - VDRIVE access to water W sllu the iodine. Vivo now Obid sums - sum versaute, what better DOPOMOGA - those th tikapuita more, or on the contrary - this is so th is important.

Skladu palicka me Sunila open power ampoule s-pid scarlet natalina 3-4 toothpicks th seavy for a thin part leucoplasia (tape not Pudge - spouse).

Sergey Lastochkin

P. S. If necessary, you can use the Google translator.

Be healthy!

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