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Alcoholism treatment using charroterie and meditation

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Alcoholism treatment using charroterie and meditation

In alcoholism to the greatest extent affects the 4th and 5th chakra, but normalization even all of the chakras does not lead to a cure.

You must create a strong aversion, intolerance to alcohol, aided by a created in the late nineteenth century, a prominent psychiatrist V. M. Bekhterev method of suggestion in alcoholism.

At the present time it is modified and is called "coding", but the essence remains the same. The patient is seated on a chair and is asked to breathe deeply through the mouth. After a short time the blood oversaturated oxygen and appears dizzy. Then the doctor, holding a patient's head with both hands, tilts it to the left, right, forward and backward, turns her. After a few seconds due to strong dizziness patient completely loses orientation in space, the brain "turns off". The criterion is the pupil, there is a partial loss of consciousness. It's time "to code", that is, to send the system in the subcortex. To do this a few times to put pressure on the eyebrows (tactile stimuli), and opening the eyes of the patient, looking straight at them, to instill a strong commanding voice: "you to Encode year (5-10 years), and you will not be able for a year (5-10 years) to drink vodka and wine! Now vodka has become a deadly poison that destroys all the organs. Vodka, wine bring death! If they get into the body, you will die!"

In the darkened state of consciousness, the patient does not hear these words, but they are firmly fixed in the back of my head, causing fear in relation to the use of wine and vodka products. At the end of the session splash in the mouth unpleasant liquid type of chloroethyl - it affects the subcortex via gustatory and olfactory receptors. A few minutes after such a stressful psychotherapy patient couldn't think straight, can't answer questions, but it quickly passes, but the code remains.

The difference between "coding" of ineffective psychotherapy that this method, in my opinion, works on chakra level.

The doctor should most vividly imagine how the subconscious mind of the patient fills out a "code", only then the chakras will perceive it as a dominant, dominant and vital information.

Acrocarpia and meditation in the treatment of alcoholism and other articles on alternative medicine.

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