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Headache treatment with acroteria and meditation

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Headache treatment with acroteria and meditation

Some healers believe that as spiritual growth and the transition energy to a higher chakra level chelovek.predoplata. This time of sweeping changes in personality type, including its Constitution. For example, I met children who are 10-12 years thought as little rational Oldies. Their rapidly progressing mental body made a quantum leap, while the physical body is not able to follow this process. For complete tissue regeneration usually requires at least two years. Energy-field is updated much faster. These scissors are the cause of spiritual and painful crises in puberty, menopause or when reaching significant goals, such as defending a thesis, begins when the spiritual decay and disease. I saw the patient, who after successfully defending his doctoral dissertation developed a brutal migraine. Best painkillers were ineffective. Neurologists shrugged - a disease of uncertain origin. As soon as I focus the patient on her doctoral dissertation, and after 2 months the headache completely disappeared.

THIS IS INTERESTING. According to the American healer Barbara Brennan, some headaches are the result of locking of creative energy. This creativity gives joy, happiness, fulfillment and perfect health, contributing to the formation of personality, her spiritual and physical transformation.

According to the Estonian Bioecology J. Perna, people in the process of life goes through several such periods, a kind of blockades or crises of creativity inherent in the process of spiritual growth. These blockade contribute to the development of diseases and the occurrence of headaches. Remember: if you have something did not work in my life, events had been unfavourable, he immediately arose headache. How to get rid of it

The best way to create, be inspired in any case, even the most insignificant. Being a creative professional is not necessary. Even if you are a simple worker performing work creatively, with love, receiving from her the joy and satisfaction that you will never have a headache.

It is believed that when any disease is broken the link between the chakras and the body's center, or the so-called "Central sun". Me suggested meditation "Central sun" for harmonization between the centre and the chakras. By doing so, you not only prevent headaches and many other diseases.

  • Lie on your Mat, relax. Imagine that you are above the navel in the depth of the body there is a small sun. Imagine that it is heated more and more, the hot rays emitting in all directions.
  • Imagine that these rays are concentrated at the bottom and heat the centers of both feet, then climb up, heating up both legs, and then creating heat in the perineum.
  • Mentally raise the heat on the midline of the body in the region of the heart chakra (at the nipples), then higher still, in the center of the neck (Vishuddha chakra). Raise solar energy in the head, the forehead and the top of her head. Imagine going out of my head millions of sunlight.
  • Now connect the "Central sun" with every cell of the body, which has its own small sun, and imagine that it spreads the rays and they all go up to the Cosmos, to God. Imagine that the whole body enjoys life.

This technique should be your creative process. It is necessary to find new faces and opportunities. For example, direct rays in the weakest and most painful points and areas of the body.

If you regularly practice this meditation at least 15-20 minutes a day, then in 2 years your body will be completely renewed and you become a different person, more advanced spiritually and physically.

Acrocarpia and meditation in the treatment of headache and other articles on alternative medicine.

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