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Neuralgia and neuritis treatment using bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

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Neuralgia and neuritis treatment using bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

In folk medicine are often used plots (so-called sympathetic treatment methods). If any of neuralgia can be used zagovorennoe salt, which is applied to the back or other pain.

Bulgarian healer Vanga was treated for neuritis and neuralgia in the following way: she did the osvezhevaniya hare or rabbit and put his skin on the inner side of red pepper and poured sunflower oil, then applied to the affected area.

You can use regular biotherapy therapy and Reiki, which is a good help for neuralgia and neuritis. And yet these methods are the cause of the disease is not treated, therefore very often disturbance coming back again.

Unusual method of bioenergy therapy is applied in Tuva. Heated metal sewing needle on red-hot coals and her prick of a place where impaired sensitivity with neuritis on the affected side and the collateral on the healthy side. Light skin burns causes irritation of nerve endings, stimulation and regeneration of nerves. The procedure is applied several times.

Bioenergy therapy and therapy of Reiki in the treatment of neuralgia and neuritis and other articles on alternative medicine.

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