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Psychopathy treatment with acroteria and meditation

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Psychopathy treatment with acroteria and meditation

Famous American hypnotherapist R. Kopel developed techniques to change traits in psychotherapy. You need to choose the most important at present the problem and focus only on her. Let's say you are shy, then you need to imagine yourself as brave, fearless, completely confident person. Now mount this image using a special hypnotic exercises. It is very typical for inspired by the success of people. You can use the following formula of auto-suggestion: "to banish the feeling of tightness, caught himself, embarrassed that I smile and extend my hand of friendship." When excitable psychopathy: "When I started no reason to worry, to anger, to be angry, I first of all think about the correctness of the decision and will take some steps towards its implementation".

Each person can create a formula for turning negative traits of his character in a positive. Remember that any feelings and emotions you can convert in the opposite direction on their own.

For example, you can imagine that you are watching a movie called "I'm a new man". On the screen you see well-dressed, confident man, walking in front of a crowd of his fans or fans, your dazzling smile, you are perfect.

Psychopathy is very important to think about their habits. On what ground were the grain of your education. You have to understand that your behavior, which was laid down in childhood, now destroys the organism. Need to do "spring cleaning" in the consciousness, to make room for new habits.

Acrocarpia and meditation in the treatment of psychopathy and other articles on alternative medicine.

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