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Sciatica treatment with tsvetoresheny therapy

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Sciatica treatment with tsvetoresheny therapy

Blue and blue color nice calm radicular pain. Nevertheless you should not hope to cure sciatica, using the lamp Minin. Much greater effect gives a color-puncture resonance therapy, such as exposure to pulsed blue (10 Hz) on pain points (To-Shi) or zone of conformity. Sometimes this simple procedure breaks sciatica due to stay on a cool, damp wind.

With sciatica due to degenerative disc disease also requires the impact on the projection zones of intervertebral discs, and sometimes on the primary causes of discogenic sciatica, in particular, it is necessary to treat diseases of the segmentally related internal organs. Here the choice of color depends on the nature of the disease.

When radiculitis, you can use the massage with the oil, charged in orange, or to drink water, charged in orange. H. Kloda recommends that all back to irradiate lemon color and skin color Indigo. D. Ghadiali successfully used sciatica turquoise and Indigo.

Tsvetoresheny therapy in the treatment of sciatica and other articles on alternative medicine.

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