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Epilepsy treatment is carried out with the help and CRT

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Epilepsy treatment is carried out with the help and CRT

Currently on the recommendations of different authors can distinguish three phases in the treatment of epilepsy.

I stage. The removal of SOD, the suppression of microbes, viruses, fungi and parasites in the appointment of the drain of funds: firms, "OTI", "HOLD", "guna", "Hel", as well as enterosorbents, eubiotics.

II stage. The purpose of medicinal herbs that have anticonvulsant effect and a gradual decrease in the intake of antiepileptic drugs.

Stage III. Induction therapy programs alpha, beta, theta, Delta brainwaves and programs: Peace, Stress 1, Children, etc.

This method is still only in its formative stages, however, in some patients, seizures were completely gone, some have reduced the dose of anticonvulsants, some patients reduced the number of attacks. The time required for analysis and improvement of this interesting technique.

It is established that epilepsy runs the pathogenetic chain: liver - gall bladder - brain, that is, changes in the meninges soft (arachnoiditis). So you need to work with a small loop, try to make private BR-drug with the brain and then fed back to the inversion on the head. In addition, the use of drainage remedies for bilious and nervous system. Usually after the number of epileptic seizures is reduced.

In recent years it has been conclusively established that epilepsy decreased serotonin content in the blood (either due to decay or due to the decrease of its synthesis). At the same time found low activity of monoamine oxidase and a low level of secretion of 5-oxindoles acid. This is especially pronounced in patients with frequent attacks, which leads to low activity of serotonin structures. Found that serotonin has an anticonvulsant effect. The amino acid L-tryptophan, which produces serotonin, reduces the number of attacks, brings relief, reduces cortical activity in the EEG. However, in people with severe epilepsy Supplement, L-tryptophan, on the contrary, worsen the condition. This can be explained by the fact that the metabolism of tryptophan is an indole-new (natural) ways, as amended by pathological kynureninase way. In this case, as an effective medication tryptophan are not tested. Interestingly, some patients before the attack a "neurotransmitter storm" with a sharp increase in the number of serotonin in the blood. Of course, a decrease in the allocation of tryptophan and serotonin is not all forms of epilepsy, but where it is celebrated, tryptophan supplements give good results.

Carried out and CRT in the treatment of epilepsy and other articles on alternative medicine.

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