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Radiation sickness. Treatment of folk remedies

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    Radiation sickness. Treatment of folk remedies
  • 0.5 liters of brandy (or "Cahors"), 0.5 l of juice five aloe, 0.5 kg of honey Forbs (Prairie, forest, meadow), 200 g of powdered calamus root mix and infuse for two weeks in a cool dark place. Take a tablespoon an hour before eating or one hour after meals three times a day. To drink milk. (This is a helper tonic for weakened. For liver cancer "Cahors" exclude - better brandy. In lung cancer add 0.5 liters of fat badger).
  • The composition of the blood and restores the herb oregano. To 600 grams of water to take three tablespoons of chopped marjoram, bring to the boil, leave for the night, wrapped in a warm, strain and take during the day, 50-100 g three times a day. You can add honey to taste. When leukemia oregano primary and most necessary tool, but it is necessary to take carefully, starting from one Cup a day.

The length of treatment depends on the condition of your health. When treatment ends, the body itself will tell: delicious otsr becomes less tasty and the desire to drink this pot goes to the reluctance.

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"Radiation sickness. Treatment folk remedies" and other recipes of traditional medicine.

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