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The mixture diet

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The mixture diet

The dosage form. The mixture diet is a combined preparation containing menthol 2.5 g, 1 g procaine, anestezina 1 g of ethyl alcohol 70-s to 100 ml. the mixture diet available in glass bottles of 40 ml.

Therapeutic properties. The drug has local anesthetic and antipruritic effect.

Indications for use. The mixture diet used for neuralgia, muscle and joint pain (myalgia and arthralgia), itching dermatoses.

Rules of application. A small amount of mixture diet RUB painful areas of the body 2 — 3 times a day.

Side effects and complications. With continued application of mixture diet possible slight dizziness, General weakness.

Contraindications. The drug should be used with caution if you are sensitive to novocaine.

Storage. In a cool, dark place. Shelf life 2 years.


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