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Ear trauma

  • What is ear Trauma
  • What triggers / Causes of ear Injuries
  • Treatment of Injuries of the ear
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have ear Trauma

What are the Injuries of the ear -

Ear trauma in children are quite common.

What triggers / Causes of ear Injuries:

The causes they are divided as follows.

  • Mechanical happen during the games, fights. More exposed to trauma to the Pinna, there are bite wounds (dog bites). It's very common ear injury associated with lobe piercing to wear earrings. Trauma to the external auditory canal is connected, usually with a hit in the ear foreign bodies: matchsticks, hairpins in the inept attempts of retrieving them, etc.
  • Fairly typical fracture of the anterior wall of the external auditory canal. Because it borders with the articular head of the mandible, with the impact (e.g., fight or Boxing) is offset from the anterior bony wall of the auditory canal posteriorly.
  • Thermal: burns and frostbite of the ear. High frequency of frostbite caused by insufficient blood supply, the length of the shell and vascular spasm in the cold.
  • Firearms (increased recently).
  • Otematata ear: usually with prolonged compression of the auricle occurs bleeding under the perichondrium and appears soft fluctuating swelling.

If you suspect otamatea the blood from under Nadirashvili (under sterile conditions) remove the puncture needle and apply pressure bandage.

If assistance is not provided in a timely manner, infected hematoma and abscesses, increased body temperature, pain and redness of the skin over the hematoma. In such a situation it is necessary to make an incision to drain the abscess.

  • Localization injuries ear injuries are divided into outer, middle and inner ear.
Ear trauma
Ear trauma
  • Treatment of Injuries of the ear:

    Forecast. By themselves, the injuries to the external ear, usually not life-threatening. However, inaccurate diagnosis, delayed care can develop severe complications.

    Which doctors should be consulted if You have ear Trauma:


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