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The dosage form. Aceclidine is available in the following dosage forms: solution for injection of 0.2-tion of 1 and 2 ml ampoules in a package of 10 pieces - ophthalmic ointment 3-finger and 5-finger in a package of 20 g. in addition, the pharmacy can be prepared eye drops on prescription, usually at a concentration not higher than 5.

Therapeutic properties. Aceclidine improves skin tone and increases motor function of the intestine, bladder contractions, uterus. The drug with the direct impact on the eye causes constriction of the pupil, lowers intraocular pressure, changes eye accommodation.

Indications for use. Aceclidine is used to treat glaucoma and is also used when Adonijah bowel and bladder. In obstetric practice can be used during pregnancy, in the postpartum period.

Rules of application. In postoperative atonia bowel, bladder, weakness of the uterine cervix after childbirth aceclidine injected under the skin. For the treatment of glaucoma day apply eye drops, the eye instilled 1-2 drops 3 to 6 times a day. Action aceclidine lasts up to 6 hours. At night, apply eye ointment. It lay for ever and a special glass with a spatula.

Side effects and complications. When applying aceclidine on the eyes in some cases, you may experience a slight irritation of the conjunctiva, aching, heaviness in the eye, far worse vision. These effects usually disappear on their own.ATTENTION! To limit the absorption and the overall effect aceclidine on the body, it is necessary after instillation of aceclidine to press for 2-3 minutes the inner corner of the eye, so that the solution does not come in the tear duct and the nasal cavity.During suction, aceclidine, and in a subcutaneous possible side effects in the form of increased cynotechny, sweating may develop diarrhea, slowing of the heart rate, low blood pressure, bronchospasm.

Contraindications. You cannot apply aceclidine in bronchial asthma, atherosclerosis, angina, arrythmia, epilepsy, hyperkinesis, Parkinson disease, gastric bleeding, during pregnancy. Not recommended simultaneous application of aceclidine with halothane or quinidine because the chance of arrhythmia.

Storage. In a dark, dry place. Shelf life ointment 1 year, vials - 2 years.


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