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  • What is cerumen
  • What triggers / Causes cerumen
  • Symptoms of cerumen
  • Diagnosis of cerumen
  • Treatment cerumen
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have cerumen

What is cerumen -

Cerumen (cerumen) is an accumulation of sulfur produced by glands located in the membranous and cartilaginous the auditory meatus, and sloenogo of the epidermis.

What triggers / Causes cerumen:

Normally, the secret of sulfur glands zasyhaya in lumps or crusts falling out when chewing and talking due to movements of the mandibular joint and the anterior wall of the auditory canal. The accumulation of sulfur contribute to the narrowness and curves of the external auditory canal. In some cases, mark the sulfur glands hyperfunction, increased viscosity of sulfur. Corks may be associated with inflammatory processes, attempts to remove the accumulation of sulfur and epidermal masses in the ear canal with the help of matches, pins and various other items. While sulfur mass, usually accumulates in the membranous and cartilaginous the auditory meatus, are pushed into the bone Department, where removing them is difficult.
Cerumen may partially fill the lumen of the external auditory canal or completely obtulerat it. Cerumen color can vary from yellowish to dark brown - the consistency of it is soft, dense or rocky. For a long time while in the outer ear canal, the tube dries up, becomes dense and firmly fixed to the walls, sometimes causing the development of bedsores.

Symptoms of cerumen:

Subjectively cerumen may be a long time does not appear, or you get a feeling of fullness, ringing in the ear, autophony (perception of their own voice laid the ear), sometimes the cough reflex. Hearing decreases usually with complete obstruction of the lumen of the auditory canal. Most often it is observed when getting water in the ear, which causes swelling of the cerumen. If the plug is in the bone Department and puts pressure on the eardrum may appear dizziness, nausea, headache, hearing decreases more significantly. The diagnosis is based on anamnesis and otoscopy. When inspecting the external auditory meatus visible sulfur mass is performing its lumen.

Diagnosis of cerumen:

Is based on history and data otoscopy, which in the lumen of the external auditory canal are visible sulfur mass, fully or partially occlusive.

Treatment cerumen:

Cerumen removal is possible when washing the external auditory meatus or dry by using tools, most often - probe with a hook. Before you start washing the ear, should ascertain whether the patient's previous illnesses of the ears, after which could remain persistent dry perforation of the tympanic membrane. Washing this is dangerous, as the water got through the perforated hole in the tympanic cavity, can cause exacerbation of the process and the resumption of suppuration. To remove the tube in this case follows a dry way.
For washing use warm water at a temperature close to body temperature (37 °C). This avoids caloric stimulation of the labyrinth (dizziness, nausea, etc.). If the tube is hardened, it is recommended to soften, pouring into the ear 3 times a day for 2-3 days warmed to 37 °C 3 drops R-RA hydrogen peroxide or cocoglycerides drops (0.5 g of sodium bicarbonate, 5 ml of glycerol and castilliano water). Assigning drops for softening cerumen, the patient should be warned that as a result of ear drops may deteriorate due to the swelling of cerumen.
Washing of produce with the help of Jean syringe with a capacity of 100-150 ml. Syringe is held with the right hand and the left auricle pulled back and up (young children - back and down), thereby rectifying the ear canal - in this case the middle finger of the left hand limit is too deep penetration of the tip of the syringe into the ear canal and prevents injury to its walls. The water jet is directed at Vernisage the wall of the auditory canal. The cork is removed, sometimes piecemeal, sometimes commercial purpose. Remove tube lavage is possible only when there is complete obstruction of the auditory canal. If the tube is fully complying with the lumen of the auditory canal, ear probe to penetrate between the wall of the auditory canal and tube, creating a hole through which the water enters the tube and washes her. In modern ENT combines includes a special nozzle for washing the auditory passage with the use of heated water.
After washing, the remaining water in the ear is removed with a cotton wool, wound on the ear tip with the cutting, inspect the eardrum. In the ear canal is injected turunda soaked 3 boric alcohol, your ear for a few hours close wool. Remove tube lavage may be performed by the General practitioner, by dry - only a specialist-otolaryngologist. Dense epidermal tube sometimes remove ear forceps, spoon or attic probe.

Which doctors should be consulted if You have cerumen:

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