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Diseases of the nervous system bioresonance treatment methods

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Diseases of the nervous system bioresonance treatment methods

Body cleansing is a process that includes several stages: from empirical to trendy starvation diets and the latest apparatus chronotherapy, artificial kidney). Thus, the cleaning procedures are gradually approaching to a special kind of therapy, in all methods where the core is the principle of naturalness, the naturalness of procedures and methods. The principles of purification are traditional folk medicine (naturopathy, yoga therapy, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, bio-energy therapy, therapy Reiki, acrocarpia) and included in the Arsenal of modern medicine (MD, homeopathy, magnet therapy, carried out and CRT, tsvetoresheny therapy). At the heart of these techniques lies bioresonance effect on the cells of the body and its energy system. In a broad sense, all manifestations of the multiresonant therapy, which is recognized in Russia as an independent branch of medicine. Unfortunately, many doctors treat it with suspicion, believing that if a health institution lacked proper discipline, it is a series of witch-doctory.

Despite the abundance of books on the subject, they often correspond to the same recipes and techniques, there is no critical analysis and systematic presentation, it is difficult to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each method and choose the suitable one for yourself. This work is a continuation of a series of my publications. In the book "cleansing the body" outlines General issues of bioresonance therapy and the practice of its application in pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. The book "the Way to health" is dedicated multiresonant therapy of urological and gynecological diseases.

In the present book deals with bioresonance treatments for diseases of the nervous system.

In the meantime, my name is well known. Turn to me as a specialist in acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and expert in bioresonance therapy. As a Professor and doctor of medical science, I worked for many years in the USA, Poland, Hungary and other countries, everywhere studying people's experiences and methods best healers and doctors. I was trained in India, China, Germany, Japan, mastered almost all non-pharmacological methods of treatment developed in the world at present. In this book they are collected in a coherent system, with respect to each disease, ranging from naturopathy, healing the physical body, and ending with biotherapy and acrocarpia, purifying the subtle energy-information of the body. I am sure that these methods are the future of medicine, in 20-30 years they will be used by each physician, which can be seen on the example of homeopathy. Complex homeopathic remedies are now widely recommended in General outpatient clinics in connection with high efficiency and lack of side effects. The book will be of interest to doctors, healers and patients, because it contains information about the latest methods of prevention and treatment of diseases. Self-medication is very dangerous, because people can't relate to his condition objectively.

For many years, my articles have been published in the newspaper "Herald of a healthy lifestyle (HLS)". Received hundreds of letters from people cured, thanks to my theories and therapies. And yet, no matter how simple the method, its use should be under medical supervision, otherwise it will use the method of trial and error. Besides practicing doctor knows about the procedure far more than have been written about her. Bioresonance methods aimed at enhancing their own protective forces of an organism. Theoretical explanation of the mechanism of action of some of them is still far from final, however, the positive results obtained in different countries allow us to consider them to be the most promising in modern medicine.

This book is the first in the world to guide bioresonance therapy of nervous diseases. The constitutional principle of diagnosing the patient lies at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine). In this book it is widespread on mineraloterapiya, homeopathy, CRT and other methods. Since not all readers are familiar with my previous books, I recall that in Eastern medicine, are the following the Constitution of the body:

  • "Windy" type: violation of the meridians of the gall bladder and liver
  • "Warm" type: violation of the meridians of the heart and small intestine-
  • Hot type: violation of three heaters Meridian and vascular-sexy system
  • "Wet" type: violation of the meridians of the spleen, pancreas and stomach
  • The "dry" type: violation meridians of lung and large intestine-
  • "Cold" type: violation of the meridians of the kidneys and bladder).

Energy meridians are associated with the relevant authorities. Every person can easily define their constitutionally weak area ("Achilles ' heel" of the body), not having professional knowledge. In my opinion, the Constitution of a person must be entered in the passport the same way as blood type. Indeed, the cure of chronic diseases is almost impossible without taking into account the Constitution. This is an individual approach to the patient. Because the brain is connected with the chakra system and energy shells around the body, which, in turn, are supported by spectrum (rainbow) of sunlight, I wrote special sections on how the state of the chakras is associated with occurrence of the disease or the cure.

My personal interest in diseases of the nervous system associated with one case. My mother aged about 90 years received a traumatic fracture of the femoral neck and lay motionless for almost 2 years. The result is a deep depression and emaciation from 70 to 34 pounds! Specialists the best clinics of Moscow helplessly shrugged, because no medications have helped. I took mother home and with the help of carried out found that it lacks a rainbow of sunlight. Then I began to work on her light developed from my device "Clock of life". A miracle happened - she began to walk on his face appeared a smile, and depression receded. When she was sunbathing, the weight gradually went back to normal. It turns out that the solar spectrum is the life-giving components, solar vitamins, essential for humans. When in complete darkness people develop psychiatric disorders. People who are blind, a light balance of the body is supported by the photoreceptors of the skin. Light directly absorb chakra and biologically active points (BAP) and pass it through the meridians to the internal organs.

THIS IS INTERESTING. French scientists recently conducted experiments, guiding the light to the point of life Hae-GU on the hand. With the help of highly sensitive photocells were registered the emission of light of the same spectrum remote BAHT No. the course of the Meridian of the large intestine, which includes this point.

The German scientist Franz Morell introduced the concept of individual color that is vital for the patient. Very often it is his favorite color.

Please note what color clothes you prefer. Subconsciously the person chooses an individual color that support the Constitution. Changes with age, the Constitution and individual color. This is one of the proofs of renewal and transformation of the physical and energy bodies of the human being in life. If one follows the words of Christ: "ye are the light of the world", he exudes light and love, and it completely refreshes his soul, mind and body.


That's why working bioresonance diagnostic and treatment methods, because they are all tuned in resonance with the light, penetrating every atom of the Universe. This book helps to penetrate into the mysteries of healing, creative power of Light!

Bioresonance treatments for diseases of the nervous system and other articles on alternative medicine.

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