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Amnesia treatment using yoga therapy research

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Amnesia treatment using yoga therapy research

Known specialist from Moscow, Nagorny in the 70-ies of the last century encouraged in violation of memory inverted postures, especially Sirshasana (the headstand). Even in his youth, after reading his book "Gymnastics for the brain", I also tried to stand on my head. Started with 10 seconds and brought to half an hour. Indeed, this asana is not for nothing called the Royal. In India it is believed that it rejuvenates the entire body and even helps to regenerate nerve cells. In the Soviet Union special studies have been conducted on human volunteers, and found that asana has a tail effect. This means, the blood begins to flow predominantly to the brain, with less energy, as it helps the force of gravity. When a person walks or sits, on the contrary, the force of gravity prevents the blood flow to the brain. Using sirsasana disclosed smallest capillary network in the nervous system. It turns out that the norm of 40 is closed, and with age, they primarily sclerosis. This prevents sirsasana. In India all busy people: businessmen, workers, accountants, economists consider to be mandatory at least a few minutes a day to stand on his head. It reduces fatigue. And yet it is one thing India, where yoga start to do from childhood, and another thing - Russia. The same Nagorno believed that older persons is dangerous to stand on my head, as blood flow can contribute to stroke. Therefore, sirsasana contraindicated in hypertension, insomnia, tendency to bleeding, in children, when not yet formed the psyche, because the pose has a stimulating effect. For this reason, it is not recommended to do it in the evening and before bedtime. It is best to start with the pose of viparita ka-Rani (polymerase) and the first time no more than 5-10 seconds. Every day, you can add on 5 seconds. Chasing records is not necessary. Usually enough for 3-5 minutes to stretch back capillaries of the brain, then the conservation and improvement of memory will be provided to a ripe old age.

Yoga therapy in the treatment of amnesia and other articles on alternative medicine.

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