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Epilepsy treatment using magnetic resonance therapy

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Epilepsy treatment using magnetic resonance therapy

Indian Dr. M. T. Santwani recommends in epilepsy to put on the T-20 (almost on top) ceramic magnet South pole to the skin (10 minutes daily) to prevent the development of seizures. In addition, it uses the water of irradiated South pole (3 times a day).

Indian doctor X. L. Bansal and R. C. Bansal recommend some other method of magnetic therapy, advising to put the North pole of the permanent magnet on the stomach, and the South pole on the opposite side on the back. In addition, they consider more efficient use of water, both magnetized poles, 2-3 times a day for a long time.

Magnetic resonance therapy in the treatment of epilepsy and other articles on alternative medicine.

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