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Stroke treatment is carried out with the help and CRT

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A pointer to the presence of a stroke is: apoplexy I Department of brain DBT. If you then put the corresponding frequency, normalizing the drug of the brain, it is possible to obtain indications of ischemic stroke. In any case it is necessary to increase the content of oxygen in the tissues, eliminate vasospasm and to improve blood supply to the brain. In hemorrhagic stroke is dangerous because it may provoke bleeding.

Very effectively the influence of resonant frequencies:

  • in spastic paralysis: 10000- 880- 787- 776- 727- 650- 625- 600- 444 1865- 125- 95- 72- 20 Hz-
  • when atonic paralysis: the same frequency 9,20- 8,25- 30,87- 48 Hz-
  • when rigid paralysis: 125- 95- 72- 20- 9,2- 8,25- 30,87- 48 Hz-
  • paresis on the hearth: 100 Hz-
  • paresis and paralysis on the head: 145 - 48 Hz.
Stroke treatment is carried out with the help and CRT

It is believed that the dead stroke when the brain cells do not regenerate. This axiom has been recently challenged by studies of Australian scientists. They found that under certain conditions, neurons can regenerate and promotes the hormone prolactin, produced in excess in the mother during breast milk. Apparently, he not only accelerates the development of children's brains, but also restores the nervous system of the mother after childbirth. Currently we are conducting a study of the frequency of resonance of the influence of prolactin on the regeneration of the nervous system.

Carried out and CRT in the treatment of stroke and other articles on alternative medicine.

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