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  • What is Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • What triggers / Causes Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • Pathogenesis (what is happening) during Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • The symptoms of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • Diagnosis of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • Treatment of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • Prevention of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)

What is Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis) -

Trichomoniasis (trich) is a venereal disease, manifested by a complex inflammatory lesions of various parts of the urogenital system.
The international name of the disease trichomoniasis: trichmonosis, trichomoniasis

What triggers / Causes Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

Trichomonas vaginalis refers to the Kingdom Protozoa, to the class of flagellar Flagella, family Trichomonadidae, to the genus Trichomonas.
There are 3 types of trichomonads: oral, intestinal and vaginal (genital). Oral and intestinal trichomonads are considered saprophytes i.e. microorganisms, leading to the development of various diseases, pathogenic (causing disease) is only vaginal Trichomonas, which has 3 forms of existence: flagellates, ambewela and rounded (small form)- there are atypical (cystic) form of Trichomonas, although many scientists do not recognize her. Cystic and round shapes are the most difficult to treat, and ambewela form is the most aggressive.
Transmission of trichomoniasis
As a rule, Trichomonas infection occurs through sexual contact. However, it is possible infection through contaminated Trichomonas items – towels, washcloths, sanitary equipment, medical instruments. Also possible infection through close bodily contact of a nonsexual nature. Children can be infected during birth when passing through the birth canal from sick mothers.
Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)

Pathogenesis (what is happening) during Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

Trichomoniasis, causing chronic inflammation leads to vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, cervicitis, urethritis. The disease significantly reduces the quality of life of women violates sexual and menstrual function. Trichomoniasis often contributes to mixed infection, especially in combination with gonococci. The products of vital activity of microorganisms cause toxic effects on the tissues of the host organism. Contribute to the penetration of other pathogens in tissues.
Close interaction between bacteria and Trichomonas having active mobility, is of practical importance, since, absorbing pathogenic microorganisms Trichomonas can serve as conduits of infection in the upper sections of the reproductive system and even into the abdominal cavity.
Modern research gives reason to expect a direct and indirect relation to infertility and Trichomonas infection of the genital tract.
Trichomonas infection more often and steadily leads to male infertility, which is associated with changes in motility and viability of sperm.

The symptoms of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

Infection occurs in 2/3 of the cases in extramarital sex. In women the first sign are abundant liquid, often frothy and yellowish leukorrhea, often with an unpleasant odor. Some, for example, at an advanced age, discharge after sexual intercourse with an admixture of blood. Corrosive leucorrhoea contribute to the emergence of pain in the genital area and vagina and cause a feeling of itching and burning. May have pain in the lower abdomen, in the lumbar region, during urination, sexual intercourse, so much so that sexual intercourse becomes impossible. In some cases, on the labia marked painful superficial ulcers. Sometimes the infection spreads to the cervix, causing her erosion and inflammation. Women begin to experience pain during urination, burning after it. With further progression of the process of acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus: abdominal pain, amplify whites, often mixed with blood, irregularities in the menstrual cycle. When the penetration of Trichomonas in the uterus there is a lesion of pipes and testicular, which can lead to infertility. Often asymptomatic trichomoniasis, unbeknownst to patients. During pregnancy, after childbirth or abortion, colds, excessive sexual activity or alcohol intake latent trichomoniasis can go into acute.
Trichomoniasis in men
In men, the disease begins with itching, tickling, burning, sometimes pain during urination. Appear discharge from the urethra, which can be transparent or grayish-white, very rarely frothy. Sometimes they take the form of large transparent spherical drops, as if vykativshiysya from the external opening of the urethra, sponges which are swollen, inflamed. For the latent form of Trichomonas urethritis patients complain of non-permanent scanty discharge from the urethra and in the morning in the form of drops (French venereology called it "good morning").
Discomfort when urinating increase after alcohol consumption, spicy dishes. You can spread discomfort on the glans penis, the scrotum, perineum, rectum, lumbar region. Often these patients are long and unsuccessfully treated by neurologists from sciatica.
Trichomoniasis in men may have complications: the head of the penis is red, the foreskin swells, then the member formed wounds, abrasions, sometimes ulcers. When phimosis penis, increasing in size, takes the form of a pear, becomes painful. Because of the swelling Baring his head is impossible. Possible Trichomonas epididymitis, which occur in 7-15 patients. Some of them are fever, pain in the scrotum and testicle. Complication trichomoniasis is an inflammation of the prostate gland is prostatitis. While the man himself may for years have nothing to feel, not to suspect that sick, but to infect women during intercourse. Sometimes patients with prostatitis feel a sense of heaviness and a dull pressure in the anus, itching in it and in the urethra, pain in the perineum. Often weakened eyesight, orgasm, premature ejaculation occurs.
Trichomonas inflammation of the bladder, patients are forced to urinate every 15-30 minutes. Urination accompanied by severe pain and release a few drops of blood. Children usually get infected with trichomoniasis from adults sexually. Approximately 32 they joined inflammation of the urethra - urethritis, and therefore it may appear painful urination.
Trichomoniasis in women
Girls - swelling and redness of the small and large labia and hymen, itching and burning of the external genitalia, vaginal drain yellow pus.
What complications may result trichomoniasis
Previously, the danger of this disease was underestimated. Currently proven that trichomoniasis increases the risk of preterm birth and premature rupture of membranes. In males it can lead to prostatitis.

Diagnosis of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis is bacteriological detection of Trichomonas vaginalis after staining of smears by Gram, or native (fresh) drugs. Research methodology in natural medicines for the presence of Trichomonas is very simple: on the slide are isotonic, adds a fresh drop of vaginal discharge, then the preparation is examined under a microscope. However, this method of diagnosis is not always immediately possible to identify Trichomonas, it is therefore necessary to repeatedly conduct the study.
Modern methods of detection of Trichomonas in the body is to search for genetic markers using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) .
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Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis)

Treatment of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

In the treatment of trichomoniasis should observe the following principles:
- the treatment of trichomoniasis simultaneously, the patient and her husband (sex partner)-
- sexual life during treatment of trichomoniasis forbidden-
- eliminate the factors that reduce the body's resistance (comorbidities), vitamin deficiencies, etc. -
- used Antiprotozoal means of General and local hygiene procedures.
Treatment be patients in all forms of trichomoniasis (including trihomonadonositelstve), as well as patients with inflammatory processes, which trichomonads are found, but these pathogens were detected in her husband's (partner's). Of Antiprotozoal most effective means metronidazole (flags, trihopol) and fasigyn (tinidazole). When fresh trichomoniasis metronidazole used to treat in the following manner: on the first day of treatment 0.5 g 2 times a day, the second day of 0.25 g 3 times a day, the next 4 days - 0.25 g 2 times a day. Fasigyn (tinidazole) assign inside after eating a single dose of 2000 mg (4 tablets of 500 mg). There is another method: fasigyn prescribed at 150 mg 2 times a day for 7 days. The methods of treatment with metronidazole and fushigina not shown in diseases of the nervous and hematopoietic systems, during pregnancy and lactation (pass through the placenta and milk), as well as diseases of the liver. In such cases, use other antitrichomonal means: trichomonacide and nitazol, although they are less effective. Trichomonacide administered orally (0.3 g/day. in 2-3 divided doses for 3-5 days) and local (suppository 0.05 g of the drug for 10 days)- nitazol (trichozed) used in the form of suppositories (0,12 g), injected into the vagina 2 times a day inside and 1 tablet (0.1 g) 3 times a day. It is also recommended the introduction of tampons (after douching), is impregnated with 2,5 nitazola suspension.
Topically for the treatment of trichomoniasis are also used vaginal tablets Teri-Nan 1 tablet a day for 10 days or cléon-D 1 tablet per day for 7 days.
The control treatment of trichomoniasis within 2 to 3 menstrual cycles. In the absence of trichomonads in the material (different foci) after the end of menstruation, the treatment should be considered successful. In some women, leucorrhoea and other symptoms persist after the disappearance of Trichomonas. In such cases, a treatment recommended for the treatment of nonspecific vaginitis.

Prevention of Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

Necessary examination, and upon detection of the disease (signs of trichomoniasis and treatment of all persons who have had sex with a sick trichomoniasis. It is also necessary to examine the girls in case even one of the parents.
Condom use is the most reliable method of preventing infection like trichomoniasis and other sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted.
Trichomoniasis immunity does not arise in the case of negligence possible re-infection of trichomoniasis.
After having sex without a condom should be immediately pee and to wash the external genitals with warm water and soap (preferably commercial). Within 2 hours after intercourse to prevent use special antiseptics in the form of solutions - gibitan, CIVPOL, Miramistin and others. But do not forget that these funds do not have one hundred percent effective, and it decreases with increasing time interval from sexual contact.

Which doctors should be consulted if You have Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis):

Venereal diseases
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