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Arachnoiditis treatment with mineraloterapiya

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Arachnoiditis treatment with mineraloterapiya

Effective with the use of carnelian. This mineral has anti-inflammatory action. You can apply it on the painful area of the head or at the point of compliance for the thumb.

Interesting method of therapy resistant headaches when arachnoiditis with rock crystal and amethyst. Gemologist O. A. Lisowski recommends that beads made of natural rock crystal (crystals measuring about 1 cm). First, they should be cleaned in running water (a few hours). During treatment, the beads are superimposed as a wreath on the head. In the hands of is better to take too little ball or a piece of the same mineral, close your eyes and stay relaxed for 15-20 minutes. This reduces intracranial and arterial pressure, soothes headaches. It is believed that the therapeutic beads "pull" the negative energy, which they can very quickly clear: to put on 10-15 minutes on the pyramid, a pile of rock crystal or zeolite.

Mineraloterapiya in the treatment of arachnoiditis and other articles on alternative medicine.

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