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Fatigue treatment using VDF and naturopathy

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Fatigue treatment using VDF and naturopathy

Over the years in the US I realized that we have to treat asthenia can't, because the pills and injections in this case ineffective. In America it is done by a naturopath doctor, and he has a fundamentally different approach to treatment. In cases of aggression, irritability (excess stress) naturopaths recommend short courses of the RDT with a gradual increase in their duration. While natural food combining diet in any case can not be abused stimulants (such as strong tea, black coffee, maté, chocolate, Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola and other stimulants, and hypnotics (patients gradually fall into slavish dependence on them).

Naturopaths definitely recommend water treatment (foot bath, polovni, douches, baths with sea salt). Shows all forms of physical exercise: Jogging, walking, gymnastics, swimming, hardening, etc. In recent years, the methodology used for psycholodiagnostic and psihofiziologii by A. I. Anuashvili. In mild cases, a few sessions it helps to abandon sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

Fasting therapy and naturopathy in the treatment of asthenia and other articles on alternative medicine.

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