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Multiple sclerosis treatment with traditional Chinese medicine

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Multiple sclerosis treatment with traditional Chinese medicine

Multiple sclerosis predominates "Windy" the Constitution, with a deficit of energy in the meridians of the liver and gallbladder is the Constitution of the failure. Recommended plants: the liverwort, ginseng, lavender, rosemary, sage, mint. According to Chinese experts, they help to treat Wei syndrome-the liver early in the disease (delirium, convulsions, flies in the eyes). As the progression of multiple sclerosis increases asthenia, paralysis, sensitivity is a manifestation of "Cold" in the body. Usually these patients are closed 12-th and 13-th meridians and reduced energy of all the other meridians. Disturbed energy of the tendon-muscle meridians associated with all 14 meridians.

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other articles on alternative medicine.

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