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When measles sore throat

  • Symptoms of Angina in measles
  • Treatment of Angina with measles
  • Prevention of Angina during measles
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have a sore throat in measles

What is a sore throat in measles


The symptoms of Angina during measles:

After an incubation period (9-10 days) in the initial catarrhal period appear pronounced runny nose, hacking cough, signs of conjunctivitis in the face of moderate fever.
When pharyngoscope on the mucosa of the soft and hard palate are marked red irregular spots the size of a pinhead to a grain of lentil, which merge to cause diffuse hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and pharynx (enanthema measles).
At the same time there is a lesion of the pharynx, resembling lacunar angina.
On the mucous membrane of the cheeks against small of back teeth for 2-3 days before the onset of measles skin rash (exanthema), there is a row of small whitish spots surrounded by a red rim - Koplik spots (enanthema)- epithelium of the mucosa in these spots undergoes degeneration, necrosis and keratinization, whereby they acquire a whitish color.
During the rash intensify the catarrhal symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, simultaneously amazed and throat (acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis) is increased tonsils and cervical lymph nodes.
Of the more recent manifestations of measles (convalescence stage) noteworthy attotney stomatitis. Aphthae can be dispersed on the tongue, buccal mucosa and lips. In debilitated children from the AFL can develop deep ulcers in the tonsils and Palatine arches.

When measles sore throat

Treatment of Angina with measles:

According to testimony carried antibiotic therapy. You need to rinse the oral cavity with antiseptic solutions, to conduct inhalation anti-inflammatory drugs (bioparox, nose Euphorbium). Appoint a nutritious diet, vitamins.

When measles sore throat

Prevention of Angina during measles:

The main means of prevention is vaccination. It must be borne in mind that the sore throat may develop as a complication of measles vaccination on 6-7th day.

When measles sore throat

Which doctors should be consulted if You have a sore throat when measles:



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