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Fatigue treatment using bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

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Fatigue treatment using bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

When the normal state of the body's energy field is noticeably higher from the leading hemisphere. Asthenia decrease in the area of both hemispheres. Treatment of asthenia is especially good passes in persons with excess body type and Constitution, much weaker effect in the Constitution of the failure. You need to first clear the field and then carefully align energy. In any case, you cannot add energy to not cause an imbalance (overdose), which, in turn, will provoke hyperactivity, insomnia and exacerbate an asthenic condition.

One of the easiest ways of treatment is the restoration of interhemispheric asymmetry with energy exercises "cross-walk". To perform this exercise, start a kind of walk in place: lift the left leg and right arm, then right leg and left arm. If you are on bed rest, raise your hands and legs in bed. Finally, you can just mentally doing the exercise. This corrects the asymmetry of the field over the hemispheres of the brain and strengthens the leading hemisphere. Of course, you cannot do these exercises to exhaustion.

Therapy Reiki is healthy relatives of the patient and, of course, very useful.

Bioenergy therapy and therapy of Reiki in the treatment of asthenia and other articles on alternative medicine.

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