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Headache treatment using traditional Chinese medicine

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Headache treatment using traditional Chinese medicine

According to the beliefs of the ancient Chinese, headache may develop in any person, but its nature depends on the type of Constitution.

Distinguish headaches "Jan" when the Constitution of redundancy and headaches "Yin" when the Constitution of the failure. Each of these is subdivided into 6 types.

In practice often occur in combination. Each of these types peculiar to the preferential localization of headaches and related plants.

The number of complex funds of TCM for the treatment of headache is very large, and describe the effect of each is impossible.

"Cancun Cato WAN" contains girshevich, Angelica forest, Daur, kopitnik Siebold, Lazurik splayed, schizo-Nepeta, mint, licorice. The tool is effective for migraine headaches, lowers blood pressure in hypertension, eliminates the headache in rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis and frontal sinusitis. So, Dr. Tsang has used this remedy for inflammation of the frontal sinuses (sinusitis): 11 out of 12 patients were cured completely, and one had significant improvement. For headache due to spinal diseases the effect of use of drugs was also impressive.

The drug "Ahesan WAN" contains 14 natural ingredients. He is "hot" means, stimulating blood circulation, especially in obstructive bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, that is the stagnation of blood circulation in the respiratory system and associated headaches. Extremely effectively this means at parietal headaches (projection light).

The drug "Jantan WAN" contains girshevich, Angelica, peony, licorice, Chinese Aconite. Has analgesic, calming, sedative effect, reduces blood pressure, improves oxygen use and circulation. According to Chinese hospitals, the tool helps with chronic headaches, menstrual headaches, migraines, stress headaches and even with trigeminal neuralgia.

The drug is "WANGO Tun pane" contains only 2 plants: the crested hen placed and Angelica dahurica. This is a "hot" herb, improves microcirculation and scattering cold when intercostal neuralgia and pain in the liver, with pain in stomach, chronic gastritis, neurosis, trigeminal neuralgia, neurovascular headaches, coronary heart disease, gynecological disorders.

Headaches well help: acupuncture, acupressure, somatherapy (placing seeds on the projection points of headaches on the hands and feet).

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of headache and other articles on alternative medicine.

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