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Cerebral palsy treatment using tsvetoresheny therapy

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Cerebral palsy treatment using tsvetoresheny therapy

Dinshah Ghadiali when spastically tetraplegia disease (Little) recommended sequence of exposure colors: Indigo, lemon yellow, orange and red. Thus, first relaxation, relieves muscle spasm (Indigo). Lemon color regulates muscle tone and subsequent warm colors give strength to the paralyzed muscles.

Cerebral palsy treatment using tsvetoresheny therapy

The sympathetic centers in the hypothalamus are excited by the red region of the spectrum, while the parasympathetic blue and light blue. Regulatory action, especially on metabolism and immunity, have green and lemon-colored. In practice, to strengthen the posterior hypothalamus (the tendency to the Vago-insular crises) used irradiation red rear surface of the body (5-10 minutes).

To strengthen the anterior hypothalamus (the tendency to sympatho-adrenal crisis) it is better to apply the irradiation of blue (5-10 minutes). It is believed that cure treatments is far more preferable to brake, but in some cases they are right.

Tsvetoresheny therapy in the treatment of cerebral palsy and other articles on alternative medicine.

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