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Psychopathy treatment with bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

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Psychopathy treatment with bio-energy therapy and Reiki therapy

From the point of view of a bio-energy therapist, psychopathy can be viewed as a state with an excess or a deficiency of energy. People who by nature have a redundancy ("Jansky" traits), generally have more bio. On the contrary, if a man is weak by nature, and besides, gives his all family, work, acquaintances, he runs out of energy biofield ("Yin" types). First comes subcompensated, and then decompensation with the development of DS, accentuated condition, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. It is a kind of energy disease failure associated with the fact that the energy output is many times greater than its arrival. Of course, in medicine has been diagnosed, no, healers are still too poorly know him. This does not mean that the "Jan-skim" accentuated personalities have a better life. On the one hand, to treat them is easier because they have the original amount of energy, to take it away is easier than to add. On the other hand, illness redundancy (mania, schizophrenia, epilepsy, tics, hypertension) are treated poorly. So still in the stage of psychopathy is necessary to balance the body's energy, improve the condition through therapy, Reiki, cease working to exhaustion, etc.

Bioenergy therapy and therapy of Reiki in the treatment of psychopathy and other articles on alternative medicine.

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