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Multiple sclerosis treatment with fasting therapy and naturopathy

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Multiple sclerosis treatment with fasting therapy and naturopathy

Fasting can enhance the breakdown of myelin, so neurologists categorically against it, even short term fasting therapy may trigger the disease. However, naturopaths are not so critical. However much success when fasting I have ever seen. Therefore, if we apply the fasting, 1 times a week with good portability and the use of enemas with lemon juice. However, American Dr Mac Itchen from California successfully used a metered-dose fasting in multiple sclerosis. According to him, the percentage of recovery can be up to 88.4. Unfortunately, the techniques he does not.

Austrian healer Rudolf Breuss recommended in multiple sclerosis prolonged fasting for about 20-30 days, a course in 5-10 days. We also used a 42-day treatment vegetable juices and herbal infusions. According to him, he cured 30 such patients.

Food combining diet more effectively in multiple sclerosis, especially since it reduces the toxicity and Aller-gisely. A very important additional additives are antioxidants (vitamins A, D, E, F, B15, pangalawa acid), coenzyme Q10, soy lecithin, antoxid, germanium, antioxidant rich dannie extracts from pine and spruce.

One time was in fashion theory about the shortage of essential fatty acids (vitamin F) as the cause of multiple sclerosis. Indeed, in the USA was tested diet oil with additives biennial four-o'clock (evening primrose), black currant oil, fish oil. She gave a significant remission of the disease in some patients, but not all.

Interesting experience Polish Professor Kwasniewski. He successfully used fat diet for these disorders. In his sanatorium showed me the history of the disease many patients who are apparently cured for six months or more, using up to 60 of fat in your diet, virtually eliminating carbohydrates. In the newspaper "Herald HLS" I have published 3 articles on this subject and approximate menu for 2 weeks. Then I got a call a few patients who really helped this diet. Unfortunately, remission was unstable, and the diet had to keep almost all his life. By the way, that fat metabolism affect the course of multiple sclerosis, I notice many doctors. Not accidentally effective lipotropics: cottage cheese, oatmeal, bean products. In multiple sclerosis it is necessary to avoid fatigue, to prevent influenza, acute respiratory infections, sanitize foci of infection (carious teeth, tonsils, sinuses, etc.).

Fasting therapy and naturopathy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other articles on alternative medicine.

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