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Psychogenic reaction treatment using traditional Chinese medicine

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Psychogenic reaction treatment using traditional Chinese medicine

In China at the reaction conditions used plants, normalizing the spirit (Shen). For example, for those "Windy" the Constitution is well suited preparation "EN Meehan pane". It includes: the jujube, Gardenia, mushroom sea o, licorice, etc. It eliminates heat in the liver, soothes the spirit, relieves nervous tension, insomnia.

Good tranquilizing effect of the drug is "An Shen buxin WAN". It contains the components of the basins, as well as Polygonum multiflorum, Ligustrum, eclipta, albitsiya, dodder, schisandra, etc. the Drug restores the relationship of the heart and kidney, calms the spirit, palpitations, relieves tension, stress, insomnia.

Similar action have cerebral tonic pills "BU nao WAN", they even shoot episodes of mania.

Very strong calming effect have a "Sedative cinnabarine pills". They are mercury-containing mineral cinnabar so long to apply this tool should not. Similar effects have and other drugs with Cinnabaris: "Pills healthy brain" and "Qi Shu WAN".

The drug is "Ding Xin WAN" calms the spirit, tonifies the blood, calms the patient, is a popular remedy for reactive psychosis associated with thyrotoxic crisis, a sudden increase thyroid function. It also increases the energy Yin.

In Hong Kong, a popular sedative pills biota "Pit-zu Yang Xin WAN", but they are considered quite toxic.

Very effective the tablet "Chuang ZAO Ren Tang pang" containing a total of five plants: the jujube, ligusticum, mushroom sea o, anemarrhena and licorice. It's a classic formula, calming the brain and nervous system.

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of psychogenic reactions and other articles on alternative medicine.

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