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Pericentric outer ear

  • What is Pericentric outer ear
  • What triggers / Causes of Perichondritis outer ear
  • The symptoms of Perichondritis outer ear
  • Diagnosis of Perichondritis outer ear
  • Treatment of Perichondritis outer ear
  • Which doctors should be consulted if You have Pericentric outer ear

What is Pericentric outer ear -

Pericentric – diffuse inflammation of the ear that develops as a result of infection of Nadirashvili.

What triggers / Causes of Perichondritis external ear:

The cause of perichondritis is the infection (the most common Sinelnikov coli - B. pyocyaneus) in the perichondrium trauma of the ear. In some cases perichondrium should be considered as a complication of furuncle of the ear canal, influenza, rarely, tuberculosis. Serous perichondrium develops when the penetration of low virulence infection at the time of the insect bite, burns, etc.

The symptoms of Perichondritis external ear:

Depending on the nature and virulence of the infectious agent, there may be serous, purulent form perichondritis, which differ from each other by peculiarities of the clinical course.
Distinguish purulent and serous perichondrium.
The first and main symptom of perichondritis is a pain in the ear or ear canal. It may be preceded by reactive infiltration of the skin of the external ear.
In the ear appear soreness, swelling and redness, gradually covering the entire surface, except for earlobes, not containing cartilage.
When suppuration and the accumulation of pus between the cartilage and perichondrium are marked fluctuation, tenderness to palpation. Body temperature increased.
Then the cartilage is melted purulent process, dies, and comes cicatricial deformity of the shell. Serous pericentric occurs less rapidly than purulent.

Diagnosis of Perichondritis external ear:

Perichondrium differentiate with erysipelas and thematology. Erysipelas hyperemia covers not only the sink, but her earlobe, and often extends beyond the outer ear.
Otematata occurs most often after trauma, localized in the anterior surface of the upper half of the auricle, has a purple colour, virtually painless on palpation, proceeds with normal body temperature.

Treatment of Perichondritis external ear:

In the initial stage of disease is carried out by local and General antiphlogistic treatment.
In the identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa penicillin ineffective. Appoint polymyxin M (1-s ointment, or emulsion), inside tetracycline, oletetrin or oxytetracycline 250 000 IU 4-6 times a day, erythromycin 250 000 IU 4-6 times a day, streptomycin 250 000 IU 2 times a day intramuscularly.
The affected part of shell grease 5-Noah tincture of iodine, 10-s ' lapis. Conduct physical therapy in the form of a UFO, UHF or SHF. In some chronic cases the use of radiotherapy.
When suppuration produce a wide tissue incision parallel to the contours of the ear, remove the necrotic part of the cartilage, scrape the abscess cavity with a spoon and injected into her tampon with antibiotics.

Which doctors should be consulted if You have Pericentric external ear:

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