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Trauma traumatic brain treatment using traditional Chinese medicine

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Trauma traumatic brain treatment using traditional Chinese medicine

Herbal medicines are mainly used to treat the effects of a concussion. In particular, it is recommended that the drug "Naejangsan cozzi". It contains Rumania, tree peony, bast bamboo, etc. Has sedative, analgesic, antiemetic effect, improves blood circulation, memory, the conductivity of the meridians. In China, the drug was tested in the treatment of 250 patients with post-traumatic brain syndrome (within 8 weeks). The overall effect was 90, toxic exposure at a facility.

In addition, post-traumatic memory impairment, the drug is used "Naulilaa". To accelerate rehabilitation in sanatoriums used acupuncture, moxibustion. In China successfully used qigong therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and other articles on alternative medicine.

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